When I was going to high school I was a HUGE bookworm. I could spend hours devouring book after book without a care in the world. Reading everything from horror to adventure, mystery to fantasy, it was my ticket to new worlds and grand adventures.

Unfortunately, with the move from high school to university, my time was quickly taken over by studying, textbooks and exams. Eventually, I began to see reading as nothing more than a luxury, one that I no longer had time for. Falling into this trap my retreat to reading became a thing of the past. After university, I kept vowing I would start reading for fun again, however, time and time again it was put on the back burner…

Thanks to the amazing blogger TippyTupps, 2018 is going to be the year that all changes! Just last week she launched an awesome book challenge for 2018 which is both interesting and also achievable for those of us that haven’t quite made reading a regular hobby.

The challenge includes prompts for 12 different books, meaning you only have to commit to reading one book each month. When you break it down, that’s completely doable! The trick is to find books that fit each of the fun prompts, pushing you to branch out and find new and interesting books to read.

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In order to keep track of my reading throughout the year, I will be using my Goodreads account. I created it a while back, but I will admit that I didn’t actually USE it – another failed attempt to push myself to read again… If you are on Goodreads, I’d love to connect with more people! We can hold ourselves accountable as we work our way through the year. You can find my account here. I will keep a running update on what I am reading there and will do recaps here on the blog from time to time as well.

I have already selected and started my first book for the challenge. I am starting with the prompt ‘A book that you own but never read.’

Recently I discovered my old eReader. Now by old, I mean old… like a Sony eReader from back when they still made them. A few years ago, it stopped turning on. I tried resetting it, charging it, anything that I could think of, but it wouldn’t respond to any attempt to use it, so I gave up on it. BUT – apparently, I didn’t actually get rid of it. I was unpacking things in my office the other day (I have lived here for a year but still haven’t unpacked all the boxes… oops) and came across it sitting in a box. Call it wishful thinking, but I decided to try plugging it one more time. Much to my surprise, the screen booted right up AND it still had a collection of books on it that I had purchased and added to it at one time or another.

My first book – ‘Green: The Beginning and the End’ by Ted Dekker

Are you looking to kickstart your reading again in 2018? What book are you currently reading?