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Is it just me, or did May come and go in the blink of an eye? May was a SUPER busy month with band camp for our local marching band, high school band retreats, a week in Las Vegas and more… We’re settling in now for the month of June, the beginning of summer parade season, summer nights of good weather, the pool was just opened and outdoor concerts will be upon us before we know it!

When things get busy, this is when I struggle most to stick with my goals, because I find that I am easily distracted. While, on one hand, its for good reasons as


Let’s start by reviewing my May goals

  • Try at least one new vegetarian recipe each week. I have been working to expand the vegetarian recipes that I am cooking to include options that my husband will enjoy. One example of this is the Zucchini ‘Meat’ Balls recipe that I shared on the blog yesterday. I would like to make this effort a more conscious decision and commit to trying one each week.

I did fairly well at this. I can’t say that I tried a new ‘recipe’ per say each week, but on the weeks that I didn’t try making a new recipe, I did try a new vegetarian product. For example, I discovered a new brand of portabella mushroom burgers that I absolutely love. So, I call that a win!

  • Read a book for fun. With all the school work and class schedules this past year I have completely dropped the habit of reading for fun. I still have my nose in a book quite often, but it seems to always be a textbook. My husband and I went and got library cards in the town we recently moved into, so I have plenty of books at my disposal, I just need to make a point of scheduling time to read something that isn’t a textbook!

I did great with this one! I started by actually going out and using our library cards to get some books. While I was in Vegas I spent one entire day just reading by the pool. Since then, I have kept a book bedside so that I can get a bit of reading in before I fall asleep most evenings. I don’t always fit it in, but I am getting increasingly better at making it a part of my daily routine.

  • Do a Blogger Collaboration. In April, I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with a Facebook group that I have connected with, Beauties on Fire. This is an amazing group of bloggers that have been nothing but supportive and welcoming right from the get go and I loved having the chance to be part of their April Collab. I will be actively taking part in one with them each month moving forward. I would, however, like to branch out and do a collaboration with an individual blogger.

I didn’t actually post a collaboration; however I have been in talks with a few people about upcoming collaborations, making plans. So stay tuned, there’s some fun stuff to come!

  • Design business cards and have them printed for The Social Alternative. Outside of my blogging efforts, and my school work, I also have a home-based business in the area of Digital and Social Media Marketing. While the cheaper VistaPrint business cards have always been a great go to option, I recently got my hands on some samples from Moo and I am IN LOVE! Knowing that I would like to continue to see growth in the business, this is definitely a positive move!

I have designed the business cards, and I LOVE how they are looking. I have not printed them yet (time got away from me) but that’s the easy part!

  • Start saving up towards my computer upgrade. I have decided, after careful consideration, that the time has come with the blogging, the business, online schooling and everything, to upgrade myself from the cheap $300 PC laptop I picked up 4 years ago from Walmart to a Macbook. My husband has agreed that I can take any money I receive in the coming months from the business and put them towards the new computer. I can’t wait – time to buckle down and make sure I’ve got some funds coming in!

I set up a separate bank account this month for business related purchases. I have some serious saving to do before I am going to be ready to pay for a computer, but the framework is there and with the new job that I have been working onto of everything else I will have the extra funds coming in to make this a reality!


Now onto setting some goals for June….

  • Be more diligent about my cardio workouts. I love my strength training and body weight workouts, but I have always had a harder time being structured with the cardio side of it all. With the treadmill in the house I now have the means, however I still find that I just kinda roll with it, with no distinct plan for my workout. I would like to get into a habit of having 3 cardio workouts planned each week.
  • Push myself to focus on Pinterest. I have been pretty good since starting my blog about keeping active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (with the exception of the last couple weeks where my online presence overall dropped somewhat off the map when life got crazy). I have a Pinterest account set up for Alternatively Speaking, however I am not using it nearly as often as I should! I would like to make it a focus to have it up and active.
  • Travel time with the Pups! Its that time of year again – when I can take our furballs out to some of the local beaches and parks. They love it, we love it, so what’s not to love? I would like to make a point of scheduling at least 2 trips with the pups into the month of June among all the craziness that is going to take over my life.
  • Finish my ‘bed makeover.’ For those of you who follow me on social media, awhile back I shared some photos and video of a bed makeover I had started. I had an old solid wood bed frame and headboard that was looking quite dated, so I pulled it apart and began to rework it. The problem is that then school started up again, life got busy, and it was set aside. By set aside I mean its still laying in pieces across the garage floor, preventing us from using the garage for my jeep as planned… So, I would like to finally get it done so that we can put our bed fully back together again with the new look.
  • Make time to prioritize me. I spent a lot of time this past month worrying about school, work, the business and the things that I felt I needed to do for my friends, but somehow lost myself in the mix. I need to make a point of including self care, and prioritizing myself as well in my life. I need to be comfortable saying no, and take time for things that I enjoy for no other reason than that I enjoy doing them.

So, there we have them, June’s goals. As is the usual routine on here, when July roles around I will share how I did on the above goals – and I will be totally honest and admit not only which ones I nailed, but where I could have improved. It’s a great way to hold myself accountable and continue to grow!


What are your June goals? What steps are you planning to take to help yourself to reach them?