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It’s officially here! The heart of the summer! School is out, the kids are all ecstatic (I’m not sure their parents all share their enthusiasm), summer parade and festival season is well under way and we have officially celebrated yet another birthday here in Canada!

As has become a tradition here on Alternatively Speaking, with the start of a new month it is time to once again revisit my monthly goals.

I am going to be honest and say that I failed MISERABLY on my June goals! Life got crazy, other priorities happened and most of my goals were put on the back burner. I’m sharing this because I know that many people have said on previous goal posts that they have struggled with setting/meeting goals and I want to be honest that just because I post monthly about mine on here, and most months I’ve been crazy on track, that doesn’t mean that I always hit mine either! It is totally human, and completely OK, to miss your goals so long as you take the time to step back, assess why and then allow yourself to keep moving forward without getting too down on yourself!


So, with that being said, let’s start with looking back on my June goals


  • Be more diligent about my cardio workouts. I love my strength training and body weight workouts, but I have always had a harder time being structured with the cardio side of it all. With the treadmill in the house I now have the means, however, I still find that I just kinda roll with it, with no distinct plan for my workout. I would like to get into a habit of having 3 cardio workouts planned each week.

This is the one goal I really did hit fairly well. As I mentioned, I have the treadmill in the house that I know I can fall back on to make sure that a cardio workout happens, however, I have also been getting better about finding other alternatives, such as workouts in the pool with the weather being so nice. Another factor that has helped me to hit this one is working with a marching band during parade season – curiosity has me checking my step count on my phone pretty regularly and it’s amazing to see how much of a workout you actually get in a single parade!

  • Push myself to focus on Pinterest. I have been pretty good since starting my blog about keeping active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (with the exception of the last couple weeks where my online presence overall dropped somewhat off the map when life got crazy). I have a Pinterest account set up for Alternatively Speaking, however, I am not using it nearly as often as I should! I would like to make it a focus to have it up and active.

Those of you who follow me on social media know that I didn’t really do any work on Pinterest AT ALL this month. Not that I need to provide a serious explanation, but honestly school midterms crept up on me this month (summer session) and I found myself far too busy on other priorities to sit down and focus on my Pinterest account. This can be seen in the drop of activity on my blog itself too! That being said, I do still acknowledge that Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic and I need to keep my eye on getting it up and moving.

  • Travel time with the Pups! It’s that time of year again – when I can take our furballs out to some of the local beaches and parks. They love it, we love it, so what’s not to love? I would like to make a point of scheduling at least 2 trips with the pups into the month of June among all the craziness that is going to take over my life.

I’m going to go with yes and no for this goal…. While we didn’t actively go too many places thus far, I have spent a lot more time with the pups having our own little staycations here. We set up their puppy pool back near our pool in the backyard and we have had many a day where my breaks from working at home were running with the puppies, playing fetch, playing in their pool, etc. I still would like to get out more with them, but I know that they don’t care where we are as long as we are spending time together.

  • Finish my ‘bed makeover.’ For those of you who follow me on social media, awhile back I shared some photos and video of a bed makeover I had started. I had an old solid wood bed frame and headboard that was looking quite dated, so I pulled it apart and began to rework it. The problem is that then school started up again, life got busy, and it was set aside. By set aside I mean it’s still lying in pieces across the garage floor, preventing us from using the garage for my jeep as planned… So, I would like to finally get it done so that we can put our bed fully back together again with the new look.

DEFINITELY failed on this one. We have put the parts for the base together that can be assembled without the parts of the frame that need to be painted, thus raising our mattress up off the ground, but the headboard and frame themselves are still laying on the garage floor half painted. I REALLY need to get this done so we can both have our bed back AND get our garage back….

  • Make time to prioritize me. I spent a lot of time this past month worrying about school, work, the business and the things that I felt I needed to do for my friends, but somehow lost myself in the mix. I need to make a point of including self-care and prioritizing myself as well in my life. I need to be comfortable saying no and take time for things that I enjoy for no other reason than that I enjoy doing them.

This is another one that I have been doing well at. When I discuss a change in priorities, and the things that have taken me away from building my Pinterest account, finishing my ‘bed makeover’, etc. – one of these new priorities has simply been scheduling in time for me that isn’t working on any of these goals. I have started to read for pleasure again, been going out and taking part in local events, spent time with family who came to visit, etc.


So… Now that we have established that goals were not my strength in June, let’s set some July goals…

  • Discover some new, healthy snack options. I have been focusing more on my eating habits, trying new recipes and fine tuning my regular meals plans. That being said, I haven’t really put any effort into the snack side of my eating. I would like to try out some healthier snack options to see what I like, and start making a list of options I would enjoy keeping around the house.
  • Try a new activity. I haven’t figured out what I want to actually try yet, but I want to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s a new sport, a new activity of some form, maybe taking a class. I do know that I have friends with various hobbies, so maybe I will make a point of picking their brains a bit and try out something they are currently enjoying.
  • Add meditation back into my routine. There was a time that I was diligent about getting my meditation time in, and I honestly believe that it had a very positive impact on my health – mental, physical and emotional. When things became busy this is one of the things that got sacrificed, and I don’t think that doing so has been a positive move for me. I want to get back into starting my morning with some quiet meditation time each day, preparing myself for the day ahead.
  • Focus on the Alternatively Speaking Pinterest account. I know that this was one of last month’s goals, but I dropped the ball big time on it so I am going to put it back on the list for July. I know that this is a key marketing opportunity for the blog, and should be making an effort to use it to my advantage.
  • Guest blog on someone’s blog. I have been interested more and more in the concept of guest blogging, both in having a guest blogger on my blog as well as guest blogging on someone else’s. After debating and discussing it for a long time, and reading countless guest blogs thinking about how it could all work out, I need to pull the trigger and just make it happen. During the month of July, I would like to have at least one guest blogger on my blog as well as guest blog on someone else’s. The key will be finding someone that is the right fit and is interested!


So, there it is – another month, another set of goals. While I didn’t do as hot in June as I have been doing lately, I’m not going to let that discourage me moving forwards! We all hit a bump in the road from time to time where our plans don’t necessarily all come to fruition and that’s ok!

What are your July goals? What steps are you planning to take in order to help yourself succeed? What are the biggest obstacles in your life that keep you from meeting your goals?