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I’d like to start by thanking those of you who have joined in on my new Instagram Challenge so far. The challenge became on September 1st, and while I meant to post a weekly update, I am a little behind on this one so here is the first update on the challenge!

For those that aren’t familiar with the Instagram Challenge, this is a daily posting challenge that I started here at Alternatively Speaking.  Each day I post a new daily prompt on my Twitter account, and participants take the prompt and share a picture on Instagram with their unique spin on what that prompt meant to them. Some of these prompts are incredibly literal, while others call for more creativity from the participants. For more information, check out the Instagram Challenge page.

Another fun part of the challenge is that participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #IGChal so that we can call check out one another’s posts. This allows us to support one another, encourage other bloggers, and increase our own Instagram engagement!


Here are some of my favourite posts from the challenge up to this point:


September 2nd – Shadows


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t appreciate a post that involves a German Shepherd, even if it is just a shadow! This may be the dog mom in me, or the GSD addict, but I thought this post was too cute!

instagram, instagram challenge, #IGChal


September 3rd – Something Tasty


This was one of the first genuinely creative spins I saw on one of the prompts, and I loved it! I can’t wait to see the finished product when the shawl is done!

instagram, instagram challenge, #IGChal



Ok, how adorable is this picture? While I’m not usually one who swoons over Disney related stuff, the inclusion of Chip may just have made my day!

instagram, instagram challenge, #IGChal


September 6th – Show Off Your Penmanship


When I posted this prompt for the challenge I definitely wasn’t expecting to see any other languages showing up in my Instagram feed. How cool is this???

instagram, instagram challenge, #IGChal


September 7th – The Beauty of Kindness


This particular challenge I was interested to see what people would come up with as it was much more open to interpretation than a lot of the previous prompts. I enjoyed this one because I loved the message it carried.

instagram, instagram challenge, #IGChal



If you haven’t been participating, but would be interested in joining us, pay attention to my Twitter posts each day for the prompt – posted in the morning here (I’m in Canada for all of you in the U.K.). I would love to see pictures from even more of you! Also, if you have suggestions for upcoming prompts, please feel free to message me and let me know! I am always open to including your ideas!

Have you ever participated in an Instagram Challenge? For those who have been participating, which prompt was your favourite to do thus far?