Honeywell Home, thermostat, Lyric thermostat, WiFi Thermostat

A little background to kick this one off… in November my husband and I finally settled into our new home. As we shared our moving journey online, we used social media to discuss the pros and cons of the moving process.

We talked about the experience we had with the storage bin company we had used (there was a month between moving out of our previous house and moving into this one), the incredible amount of work that goes into the unpacking process, and the excitement that was felt in realizing the potential that our new home represented.

During the first few weeks, I was sent a great housewarming surprise from Honeywell – A Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat. At the time, I posted the usual ‘look it arrived, so excited!’ posts on social media, but it was hard to really speak about my experience in using it because it was so new, and it took us a bit to get it installed (as we still had SO MUCH going on).

Thank you to @honeywell_home for the great housewarming gift! Can’t wait to install it this weekend! #newhouse2016

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I had decided while sharing this first post that I would wait 6 months after installing the unit and then do a follow-up post. This would discuss more than just an excitement about trying it, but an actual review of what it has been like to use this thermostat, during the dead cold of winter, and now into the heat of the summer season.

To begin with, this thermostat couldn’t have been easier to install! We put it off for awhile because neither of us had experience in installing one before, however, in less than 10 minutes it was in place and operational!

The Lyric operates using an app on your smartphone. This allows the ability to control the thermostat while you are at home, but also to access it when you are away from the house. You can, of course, also operate the basic functions on the unit itself.

The app is incredibly user-friendly. On the main screen, you can control all the basic functions with just a couple clicks.  The top of the screen shows the temperature both outdoors and in your house. I love having the outside temperature on hand that easily, as it is a good indicator as to how far off the house temperature is. Underneath the two temperatures, it also lists the indoor humidity.

Honeywell Home, thermostat, Lyric thermostat, WiFi Thermostat

The next portion of the screen shows three icons. The first icon controls the fan function, offering the options of ‘auto’, ‘circulate’ and ‘on’. The middle allows for scheduled controls by day, I will elaborate on that further later. The third icon controls the thermostat mode, with the usual options, ‘cool’, ‘heat’, ‘auto’ and ‘off’. Finally, the bottom dial allows you to set the desired temperature you wish for the thermostat to maintain while it is on.

Returning to that center icon for scheduling. This is one of my absolute favourite features of this thermostat. You have the ability to not only schedule times for your thermostat, but you can customize these for each day of the week. Let’s say, for example, you work a standard 9-5 work day, but you are home on weekends. You can set a separate schedule for Sat/Sun that considers the fact you are going to be home. If your schedule is less predictable, for example, you work 9-5 Mon/Tues, Wed off, and then 2-10 Thurs/Fri, you can work with this too! One option in the scheduler is to set each day individually rather than grouping weekdays versus weekends.

Honeywell Home, thermostat, Lyric thermostat, WiFi Thermostat

The last feature that I think is worth noting is their Geofencing option. Geofencing essentially creates a virtual fence around your home that your smartphone can track. When you cross over from one side of this fence to the other, the phone then relays this information to the Lyric application. You can then set specific temperature settings with both in mind, for example letting it settle as if you aren’t home when outside of the boundary versus kicking on as you enter it. For people, like myself, who work out of the home but may spend all day at various appointments, meeting with clients or attending events, this is a great option.

Honeywell Home, thermostat, Lyric thermostat, WiFi Thermostat

(Please ignore the patch of paint missing in the top left corner, that is from the previous thermostat and we haven’t touched up the paint at this point.)

Having now used it for a significant period of time I can say that I have found it crazy easy to use, super reliable and I love the additional features of it being a Wi-Fi thermostat. I have had days where I am away from the house, and I can check on the temperature at home to make sure everything is comfortable for our pets at home, which is awesome. It gives me peace of mind when I’m on the move!

I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking to upgrade your thermostat! Check out more information HERE on the company’s website. 

I received this product complimentary from the company, and all opinions are my own. If you would like more information, please visit my Disclaimer page.


Have you ever tried a Wi-Fi thermostat or a ‘smart’ product in your home? If so, what have you tried, and do you believe it was worth the added cost?