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Hometown Tourist

Hometown Tourist

While we all lust for the excitement of our next big vacation, pouring over websites of all inclusive resorts and cruise ships, I have recently stopped to seriously consider all that is available right here in my hometown!

I moved to the Windsor/Essex area in 2005. Initially I didn’t know too much of what the area offered – just the university, the downtown night life and the armouries were my usual haunts. I didn’t have the time, or the desire, to explore outside of that. In the coming years, I have moved (far too many times to admit) to new places, lived in various little towns and areas, and experienced a lot more about the YQG!

Have you ever taken the time to explore your own hometown as if you were a tourist? Have you attended local events, and honestly seen them through the eyes of someone who didn’t just ‘know’ they will have the opportunity to see them again next year? Have you stayed at a local hotel or bed and breakfast, giving yourself the illusion of being ‘away’ while not actually going anywhere?

With the rise in popularity of the ‘staycation’ many are turning to the attractions available in their own back yards. With that idea in mind, I am launching a new blog series here at Alternatively Speaking! The ‘Hometown Tourist’ series will focus on all that Windsor/Essex has to offer!

Nestled in the southern most portion of Ontario (and of Canada for that matter), Windsor/Essex is often referred to as the ‘Banana Belt of Canada’. Warm, gorgeous weather often graces our area, making it an ideal place to celebrate the summer without having to go far. We have a vast collection of wineries, an up and coming craft brew scene, great local music talent, countless amazing local festivals and delicious eats!

With the big Detroit border crossing here, many travellers pass through Windsor/Essex as part of their road trips without even realizing it would be worth consideration to spend some time here before continuing on! Are you a local reading my blog? Don’t miss these suggestions on places to go! My husband and I have officially made it our goal to work our way through each and every attraction that comes to our attention right here in the YQG!

For ease of reading and following, all Hometown Tourist blogs will be listed and available right here. Stay tuned for a new Hometown Tourist each and every weekend:

1. Wolfhead Distillery

2. Detroit River Ford Fireworks

3. Duck Pond Bed & Breakfast

Do you know of an attraction or destination in the Windsor/Essex area that should be featured? Visit the Contact page to fire me a message letting me know!

Have you every been to Windsor/Essex? If so, what were your favourite things to do and see? If not, what aspects of Windsor/Essex interest you, that may attract you to come visit this little slice of Ontario?

8 thoughts on “Hometown Tourist”

    • I love our local music scene! I play with a couple bands myself, as well as having a TON of options to go see local musicians performing! Self proclaimed music geek right here!

  • I’ve never been to Toronto or Ontario for that matter, but I have visited Vancouver 3 times (I have family up there) and I LOVE IT! I’ve also been to Whistler every time I’ve gone there.


  • Living in LA…. You sometimes forget that there is so much to see and do that you don’t even realize or know. I live right next door to Universal Studios, but I never even really think about it. Being a tourist every so often is actually a lot of fun for me – I took one of those bus rides around the city once with my husband and we had a BLAST!

    • LA is one of those places that is on my bucket list! I want to go SO badly! I’m going to have to make it happen some day – and check out all the best places to eat while there of course 😉 hahaha

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