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Henkaa: The Perfect Little Black Dress

Ladies, we all know the power of that little black dress – the one that is so versatile you can wear it to nearly anything and it gives you a confidence boost the second you slip it on. Today, I’m excited to announce that I believe I’ve found the PERFECT little black dress, and you can have it too! 

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The appeal of the ‘Little Black Dress’ is two-fold: This is that one dress in your closet that, the second you put it on, makes you feel like a million dollars! Your confidence soars because you just know that you’re rocking it. At the same time, the simplicity and neutrality of a little black dress give you the opportunity to style it for different events, meaning it will work for a number of different events.

However, I’m going to throw a pretty bold claim out there today – I have officially found the perfect little black dress! I know, that’s pretty ballsy… But give me a chance to explain and I’m sure you’ll be on board too!

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress!”

Karl Lagerfeld

Picture this: A single black dress that has the ability to be styled over 60 different ways, allowing it to flatter any body shape or size. This takes the ‘versatile little black dress’ to a whole new level, giving you the ability to not only accessorize your dress differently for different occasions but to literally transform it into a whole new dress each time.

Sound too good to be true?

It gets better – The fabric is wrinkle-resistant (and truly delivers on this promise, I’ll explain later) AND it is machine-washable! Is this not every woman’s dream in a garment?

Introducing: The Henkaa Sakura Convertible Dress

I was first introduced to Henkaa in 2017 when I was purchasing my bridesmaid’s dress for my best friend’s wedding. She had selected a convertible dress style to accommodate the wide variety of body types in her bridal party, in a beautiful Burgundy Wine.

The fact that it could be styled to match our own personalities not only allowed me to ensure that I was going to be 100% comfortable in the dress both during the ceremony and dancing afterward (ladies with a larger chest, you understand my concerns there…), but it also allowed us to let our personality shine through. Let’s be honest, by asking me to stand in her wedding, my bestie was already pretty open to our personal style. You hear horror stories of brides trying to micromanage their bridal party, and here was a bride that was completely for me rocking my blue hair and tattoos while standing up with her. (Sending love your way, Norma!)

My husband and I had to drive over 6 hours to reach the wedding location, meaning the ‘wrinkle-resistant’ promise helped to take some stress off as I hung the dress in my jeep for the trip. In fact, in the spirit of honesty, after the wedding, the dress was thrown in the bottom of my bag for the trip back and I was shocked by how few wrinkles it had when I pulled it out at home!

Since that time, I had mentioned a few times to my husband that I wanted to get my hands on a shorter version of the dress that I could use as my ‘go-to’ dress. You can imagine how happy I was to then partner up with Henkaa and have the opportunity to give their Sakura Midi Convertible Dress (their knee-length version of the style) a try.

Wedding Ready In Minutes…

woman with blue hair standing on a marble staircase in a black formal dress

We’ve all been there at one time or another, running around at the last minute trying to throw together an outfit for your cousin’s wedding or that important banquet for your favourite non-profit organization. Great news – Henkaa Sakura is the last dress you’ll ever have to buy!

With so many different styling options available, you can recreate your dress for each event, giving the impression you’ve purchased a new dress each time. Take a moment to browse the many tutorials available on the company’s website, and you’ll find more conservative options with sleeves, beach-friendly options for that hot summer wedding, and trendy asymmetric styles for a bit of modern flare.

For this wedding ready look, I followed the Francine Style Tutorial, creating an asymmetric look that allowed me to show off my tattoos while still keeping it classy (after all, they are my own personal artwork and I wear them proudly). I paired the dress with a big hair fascinator, some bling jewellery and a pair of pumps and I was ready to go.

But this got me to thinking, just how versatile IS this dress? After all, this is an ‘alternative’ themed blog, right? With this in mind, I set out to create a couple of fun, edgy looks to show you how much fun you can have if you add this dress to your own wardrobe…

Classic Pinup

woman in black pinup style dress, sitting in a 50's diner

Flipping through the company’s tutorials, I discovered their Nancy Style Tutorial and it screamed 50s swing dress. Styling the dress is super easy, the tutorial couldn’t be easier to follow! I threw a victory roll in my hair, adding a scarf, a pair of bright red pumps and a pearl necklace to complete the look. Of course, no pinup look is complete without the classic winged liner and a cherry red lip.

This was the perfect opportunity for my husband and I to make a trip to a local diner here in Windsor, Ontario. Route 42 is a 50s style diner and dairy bar, complete with milkshakes that are just to die for! Walking into the diner is like walking back in time, and I was immediately greeted by staff pointing out that I fit right in with this classic look.

The pinup and rockabilly styles have made a huge comeback as of late, and the Sakura dress is perfect to recreate this look yourself with ease. If you’re looking to give your dress a little more volume, you could also add a simple petticoat.

A Little Alternative Edge

woman with blue hair in black dress, leaning against bright mural painted wall
woman with blue hair and black lipstick taking a selfie in a black dress while sitting outside

Finally, I pulled out the black lipstick and fishnets to give the dress the true test. Could I rock this dress out and about with my love of the alternative style? I’m excited to report that it did not disappoint! In fact, it was perfect…

The fabric of the dress is incredibly lightweight, which, when style appropriately for your own body type, makes the dress a comfortable choice that I could easily spend the day in without hesitation. The black is a true, bold black which allowed my tattoos and blue hair to really stand out. I paired the dress with a black leather jacket, black booties, fishnets and a stud bracelet. For makeup, I stuck with black eyeshadow, a thicker black winged liner and a bold black lip.

To style this dress, I decided to try something a little different than the tutorials that I was working with. I wanted to create a look that was reminiscent of the body harnesses, and strappy styled dresses that many of us in the alternative world are so completely in love with. Therefore, I don’t have a video to share with you for this one, but I will walk you through the steps to recreate it yourself:

#1.  Put the dress on with the style straps positioned at the front of the dress. Bring the straps up and allow them to drape over your shoulders.

#2. Taking hold of the straps (gathered together rather than just holding one edge of the strap), cross them behind your neck bringing them to the front again.

pinterest graphic with woman in a pinup style outfit, black Henkaa Sakura dress, sitting in a diner

#3. Cross the straps again in the front (creating the cross in the center of my chest) and then ring them down under to your side above your chest.

#4. When you reach the back, this is where you want to allow the straps to fall loose again, taking hold of just the edge of your strap as they do in many of the Henkaa tutorials. Cross the straps around the middle of your back bringing it to the front of your waist.

#5. Still holding the edge of the strap, cross at your waist bringing the straps to the back once again. Tie a double knot at the center of your back to hold everything in place.

#6. Take the time to ‘finesse’ your style a little as necessary, adjusting the straps around your waist and neck to ensure that they are comfortable and in place.

Final Thoughts

In case you haven’t already picked up on this, I recommend the Henkaa Sakura Convertible Dress 110%! I truly believe this is the perfect little black dress for any style, and the last dress you’ll ever have to purchase! HOWEVER, they do have a wide variety of colours, so you may want to add more than one to your wardrobe! The dress comes in Maxi (full length), Midi (knee length) and Mini, meaning there is really an option for every person and every occasion.

The wrinkle-resistant fabric also makes this ideal for travel, allowing you to rock your favourite styles on your next cruise or vacation. Whether you’re dressing your dress up for a black-tie affair or looking for a more casual style, you won’t be disappointed!

Have you ever purchased a convertible dress? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!  

34 thoughts on “Henkaa: The Perfect Little Black Dress”

  1. That dress is super cute! I love that it can be styled in so many different ways that it really looks like a lot of different dresses! I really like it 🙂

    1. That’s my favourite part too! It’s like having a whole collection of dresses without having to take up that much room in your closet or your bag when travelling lol

  2. You had me at “Picture this: A single black dress that has the ability to be styled over 60 different ways, allowing it to flatter any body shape or size. ”

    Honestly I loved every way you styled each outfit. I was going to comment my favourite but they all look so good I can’t choose! Absolutely love this and what a great post. Good that you’re passionate about it as I remmber you telling me when you had it as a bridesmaid dress.

    I hate buying a dress for Evey occasion so this is literally a perfect dress. And who doesn’t love a wrinkle free one?! Nothing worse than packing a dress, unpacking it and then having no way to iron it.

    Fab post, Britt!!!

    1. The wrinkle-free part is SO awesome! I love the idea of being able to pack it for various trips without having to worry about what condition it will be in when I get there!

  3. That dress is amazing! Nothing beats little black dresses, but one you can change up like this is like magic!

    Ash | thisdreamsalive.wordpress.com

  4. This dress is amazing and so gorgeous on you. How cool that you can change it around. I would honestly live in this. Going to check it out online. I’d love a few different colours!

    1. They have some GORGEOUS colours available on there too – I love the Burgundy Wine that have the maxi length dress in from the wedding, and might have to add a few more colours to my collection!

  5. Jenny in Neverland

    I’m literally gobsmacked. 60 different styles?! That’s incredible! And wrinkle proof? Surly that’s too good to be true? A little black dress is perfect for any occasion!

    Jenny in Neverland

  6. I have never heard of a convertible dress before but OMG what an amazing idea. And that it’s wrinkle-resistant too, ideal for travelling. My favourite look is the Classic Pinup, that would be one I’d wear, and probably style it up with a coloured cardi for a real 50s vibe as well. Love this idea, Britt, it’s such a shame they don’t ship over here but on the other hand probably just as well for my wallet! Love your photos too, thank you for sharing 🙂

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Maybe they will someday if they see enough interest! If I ever see them share anything about branching out I’ll let you know!

  7. This dress is so lovely and always really versatile as you can really style it anyway you want! I love the more pin up style with the bandanna hairband! Great post x

    1. Thank you! It is SO comfortable, and the fact it’s convertible means you can find the styles that are most comfortable for you!

  8. Little black dresses are life! They’re so easy to pair with different accessories and outerwear. It is great that your dress resisted a lot of wrinkles. I like how LBD’s are very versatile for different occasions. I love these tips to rock the looks. Thanks for sharing! LOVE your LBD looks :).

    Nancy ? exquisitely.me

    1. Thank you! I agree, there is just SO much you can do with a little black dress… Honestly, you can’t go wrong!

    1. Aren’t the colours stunning? I keep eyeing up the different types of dresses that they have, thinking I should get one of each eventually! Lol

  9. I absolutely love the pin-up style but I don’t think it would suit me at all! I’m not really sure dresses suit me at all, but black is my go-to colour haha. Thank you so much for sharing these dresses! 🙂

    1. I never used to think dresses suit me at all until I started playing with them, but you may be surprised!

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