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Happy Mother’s Day to all the different ‘Moms’ that are out there! I hope that you are all celebrating and enjoying this day – its all about you! This includes all types of mothers… Biological mothers, adopted mothers, Dads who act as the mother, Grandmothers, those who play the role of ‘mother’ for whatever reason may have brought it about AND Pet Mothers.

I have read some negativity online this mothers day – Biological mothers posting long rants talking about how annoyed they are that women are referring their pets as their ‘furkids’, declaring that they aren’t ‘real mothers’ so it doesn’t count. What I can’t understand about all of this is WHY??

Why bring negativity into the world when it isn’t necessary? Why spend your time and energy worrying about something that in no way impacts you (we aren’t forcing you to refer to yourself as a pet mom)? Why do you assume you know ANYTHING about this person’s lie and why they identify the way they do?

There are any number of reasons why someone may feel this way. Maybe they are truly happy being childless – there is nothing wrong with that! It doesn’t make anyone less of a person because they are not bringing a child into the world, and honestly, if they don’t want to have a child in their life I would rather they not force themselves to society’s standards. Maybe they want a child SO badly but there is some mitigating factor in their lives that prevents them from being able to get pregnant? Maybe these ‘furkids’ are the very thing bringing them comfort in their lives?

Rather than sitting on your mommy pedestal, looking down on those that you don’t believe qualify for the title, lets all celebrate together today! Let’s laugh at each other’s stories, love on each other’s pictures and accept that motherhood, in all its forms, is based on love.


Now that I have said what I needed to say, here are 5 reasons why being a Pet Mom rocks!


pet, dog, dogs, pet mom, mother's day


#1: They will stop at NOTHING to keep you safe.

You have made them feel loved and cared for, providing a roof over their head, food in their dish, and more belly rubs than you could ever count. This has created a bond where they will go above and beyond to ensure your safety. That pup may get vocal at times, but he or she is just protecting you from any possible axe murderers walking along the street. You may find that rat in the middle of the living room floor disgusting, but your cat was only doing its just to keep you safe from the rodents.


#2: You have the best caregiver you could ask for.

Did you know that pets possess healing powers? They fully believe they do, and there are some studies that support that claim! Whether you are dealing with some difficult emotions, or fighting the latest flu bug, your pets will be by your side acting to the best of their abilities as your nurse.


#3: They change your perspective.

It is easy sometimes to get caught up in your own head and your own life. You may find yourself dwelling on the hardships or the difficulties life faces, over complicating life at every turn. Having a pet can help you to view life in a different light. You see the way that your pet views the world around them, taking pleasure in even the smallest of things. If you can only take the smallest of lessons from them, it will be a positive thing!


#4: You’ll never be alone.

Like never – even if you want to be! Say goodbye to days sipping your coffee in silence, or eating in peace. On the positive side, you can rest assured that when you come home from a really hard day, or if you are struggling with some personal demons, you will always have that furry (or scaled) bundle of love by your side.


#5: You will always be blessed with Unconditional Love!

No one will devote themselves so fully to you, not even your spouse! You are your pet’s entire world, and they aren’t afraid to show it! Just leave the house for 10 minutes and you will be greeted like you have been gone for days. Those ‘babies’ love you more than you will ever be able to comprehend!


So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you!


pet, dog, dogs, pet mom, mother's day

Who are you celebrating this Mother’s Day? Do you have any exciting plans?