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Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

I am a pretty low maintenance girl.  I don’t wear too much as far as makeup goes, although I am trying to experiment a little more often. I rarely wear too much jewellery wise, often sticking to the same favourites regardless of my outfit. Maybe working from home plays into it as I’m not getting dressed up to go out all that often, or maybe I just don’t care as much as I used to – not sure, but at the end of the day, I’m pretty easy going with it all. One thing that I do pay more attention to in recent years, however, is my nails.

It all started a couple years or so ago when I went north to visit my bestie and she made an appointment for us to get a mani/pedi. I mean, I had experimented with different things and had my nails done for big events before, but had never committed to upkeeping anything on an ongoing basis. The difference this time was the fact she convinced me to get a gel manicure.

That stuff is amazing! I always felt like I was wasting my money on manicures because they didn’t last all that long before I killed them. Whether it was fixing saxophones, playing with the puppies, doing hands-on DIY projects or just generally not being careful, every manicure I ever got chipped off my fingers in little to no time at all making it look like I had just thrown money away for no good reason. The gel, however, stands up to EVERYTHING! I can’t believe how good they look 3 weeks later despite the fact I know I’m hard on them.

So – Keeping with the spirit of Blogtober I am going to share my love of getting my nails done by sharing some of my favourite nail designs. All of these designs were found via Pinterest, which is a GREAT resource for ideas!!!


Spiders and Spider Webs

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yesicasnails | Instagram


Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

nailedbyceline | imgrum


Scream Nails

Nails by Colette | Tumblr


Jason Blood Splatter Nails

naislbyjema | Instagram


Cute Pumpkin Nails

nails.byliz | Instagram


Mummy Nails

4ubyu | Instagram


Black and Orange Coloured Nails

badgirlnails | Websta


Dripping Blood Nails

meowme.designs | Instagram


Halloween Monsters

nailsbyjema | Websta



morenita8609 | Instagram


Do you get your nails done? What is your all-time favourite Halloween nail design? 

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