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There have been many posts discussing the impact of colour choices when selecting logos, website designs and more in the business world – but have you every stopped to consider what the psychology behind your hair colour choice might be saying about you?

Now I admit, I am not professional. This isn’t meant to be some super serious post telling you to select your hair colours based solely on this information. Do you, choose what colour you like and be confident in whatever you choose! That being said, I thought it would be a little fun to see what my hair colour choices says. After looking into it a bit I decided it would be equally as fun to share it with all of my fellow hair dye addicts!


So, lets get to it… What do your hair colour choices say about you?

**I repeat – this is not scientifically proven or anything to be taken seriously. This is just for fun. I cannot be held accountable for anything that may come from you choosing to change your hair colours to match the information provided**


BLACK – Lets start with a popular and natural colour. The colour black is a ‘mysterious’ colour according to psychological studies, often associated with the unknown (such as black holes), death, evil, fear and grief. Don’t let that scare you away though! Black is also associated with power, elegance and formality!

RED – Whether you are going with a more natural red, or a bright, vibrant red, the colour is a very intense colour with equally intense psychological connotations. It is often associated with feelings of strength, power, determination, war, passion, love and desire.

ORANGE – The colour orange has been gaining popularity in hair colour circles. Orange is associated with creativity, success, happiness, joy, sunshine, encouragement and enthusiasm. One interesting fact I read about the colour orange, for those that do put some stock and consideration into this line of thinking, the colour orange apparently increases the oxygen supply to the brain which stimulates mental activity…

YELLOW – Yellow has long been a colour associated with sunshine and happiness. Psychological studies also associate it with energy, joy, intellect and cheerfulness. Often the colour is seen as being lighthearted, and even ‘childish’, which evokes an impression of being unstable and spontaneous.

GREEN – Green is one of the colours I have done previously and loved most! It is associated with growth, freshness, fertility, harmony and hope. It also evokes feelings of safety… Not surprising when you consider the ‘green light’. It is a restful colour, giving a feeling of healing. Darker green shades are associated with money, banking, the world of finance, ambition, greed and jealousy.

BLUE – There are SO many shades of blue gaining in popularity today! From light pale blues through to blue/blacks the options are endless! The colour blue apparently slows the metabolism and produces a calming effect in the human body. It is associated with feelings of intelligence, faith, confidence, loyalty, truth, wisdom and trust. I was excited to read (considering my hair is almost always blue) that it creates feelings of depth and stability.

PURPLE – Due to the way that my hair colour fades out it is currently a mixture of purple/pink shades so I was curious about what I would learn here. Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, nobility, creativity, magic, mystery, independence, ambition and power.

WHITE – While not as common, I have seen an increasing in people aiming to go literally white blond in their hair now. The colour white is associated with purity, innocence, goodness, perfection and light. The colour white is often connected with angels, hospitals and doctors. For this reason, it promotes feelings of safety, purity and cleanliness.


So there you have it – the run down of what message you may be conveying from your choice in hair colour. Is it going to impact/change what colours I choose? Definitely not, but its fun to think about!

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What colour is your hair currently? What message are you portraying according to the above analysis?