Thanksgiving, thankful, gratitude, appreciative

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! That’s right, its Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada, and I am going to totally play into the obvious blog post today and talk about being thankful. I feel like the focus of this holiday is all too often lost, overshadowed by elaborately prepared and carved turkeys, delicious side dishes, home-baked pies and fall inspired décor.

Instead, let’s take a step back and revisit the many reasons that each of us have to be thankful in our lives. Try to push yourself past the big, more obvious reasons and really dig deep. Consider the small, daily things that bring a smile to your face. The little blessings that are often overlooked or missed, taken for granted as we face the day.


Here are some of the reasons I have to be thankful today:

  • My family, including my own little family here (my husband and the furkids), extended family (some of which will even drive all the way down just to share Thanksgiving dinner with us) and those that I consider to be ‘adopted family,’ such as my dear circle of friends.
  • This house that we have now been in for nearly a year, which meets all of our needs so perfectly and is so much more than we could have asked for.
  • The opportunity to have made a significant career shift recently, and the adventure I am now on with my own business.
  • Understanding and supportive employers that have provided me with the opportunity to embark on a writing career, and have taken great steps to help me succeed at it.
  • The world of technology that we have at our fingertips, which is really the basis of what allows me to pursue my career!
  • Music, all things music… the chance to hear music, write music, play music…
  • The peace that comes with enjoying a cup of coffee on a sunny morning outside, including the sounds, smells, etc.
  • Life in a small town, where the overall vibe is so different from that of a bigger city.
  • The opportunity to travel the world with my husband, slowly checking off our bucket list of places to visit.
  • Health, something that I took for granted until I was in a position where I had to fight for it. Now that I am once again healthy and well I now have a different way of looking at it.
  • The fun of having an international pen pal. I LOVE getting actual snail mail, plus I am having WAY too much fun putting the next little package together for Natalie!
  • Amazing brands that have contacted me to partner up, allowing me to continue to move forward with my blog.
  • The beauty that is the general landscape here in Canada. I am an outdoorsy person and LOVE the chance to camp, hike and just generally enjoy the outdoors so much.
  • A supportive, caring and motivating blogging community that has helped to empower and inspire me every step of the way.
  • Friends that are willing to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me if needed, knowing that they want nothing more than to help me succeed.
  • Puppy and kitty cuddles, especially when I am feeling under the weather. My babies are super good at this!
  • The opportunity to influence and teach an amazing group of children through my role with the local marching band.
  • Beautiful fall colours.
  • Hanging out with friends and family around a bonfire.
  • Wine! I love the time, effort, knowledge and expertise that is put into a great bottle of wine!
  • Living in a society where I can embrace who I am, even if it isn’t completely conventional.
  • The ability to live-stream television shows and movies at home, which is the perfect set up for a holiday Monday with my husband relaxing at home!


I welcome each of you to join us in celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving today and share a few things that you are thankful for in the comments below!