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As I shared in the “Falling for Fall Tag,” this is BY far my favourite time of year. I LOVE fall! there is so much to love about the holiday – such as Halloween (the obvious, I mean, come on!), the beautiful fall colours, apple cider and carving pumpkins.

Throughout the course of Blogtober I have shared many of the reasons why I love this time of year, so rather than just repeating myself time and time again, I thought it would be nice to share the thoughts and opinions of a few other people. I posted on my personal Facebook account and here are some of the great responses that I received:


“Hoodies and the crunch that leaves make when you walk through them.” – Pam


“The smell in the air. There’s something about when the air starts to get cooler. When it’s still warm (but not hot) during the day but then it’s cool at night and you have to put a sweatshirt on. You take a deep breath and it’s crisp, and you can smell a fireplace or fire pit in the distance. Nothing better.” – Tricia


“Pumpkin patch with the kids, apple crisp and smells, crunchy leaves.” – Nicole


“The color of the leaves, apple picking and that the overuse of cinnamon and pumpkin is totally acceptable.” – Norma


“Apple picking, Halloween, pumpkin carving, Apple crisp, costumes, leaves, trees.” – Lindsay


“Apple everything!” – Sarah


“I love that spicy, crisp fall smell in the air and when it cools down enough to pull out boots and sweaters. I love that there are so many seasonal activities like apple picking and going to the pumpkin patch. I love decorating the house and seeing all the trick or treaters. Fall-Christmas really is the best time of year!” – Susan


“Crunchy leaves. Cooler weather. Sweaters and boots. Chili. Hot drinks.” – Sarah


“Pumpkin pie, sitting around a campfire on a cool evening, carving pumpkins, Halloween and Fall Festivals! So many fun things to do in the fall!” – Angela


“I love fall because the weather gets crisp and cooler. I love watching the leaves change color and fall from the trees. My favourite part of fall is the lead up to Christmas and decorating my flat so it’s cosy and lush.” – Natalie


“Opening up the windows and letting the cool fresh air into the house.” – Cate


“My favorite thing about the fall is Halloween! I love seeing all the kids in their creative and adorable costumes. And seeing the leaves change and the brisk weather.” – Mandy


“Changing leaves, the smell of crisp air, apples, pumpkin, sweaters, boots, scarves. Pretty much everything about a New England fall.” – Kristen


“My favorite thing is that it is finally under 90 degrees in Texas!” – Annamarie


What is your favourite part about this season? Are you in love with fall?