Thanksgiving, DIY Thanksgiving wreath, DIY wreath, wreath tutorial

In Canada, the month of October brings more than one holiday. On the second Monday of October each year we celebrate Thanksgiving – a chance to celebrate our blessings and the harvest of the past year. Similar to the Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States, we gather together with friends and family, to share in a big meal together.

I don’t usually decorate for Thanksgiving mainly because we generally go to other people’s houses to celebrate, but with the new house, I decided I was going to at least do a little decorating this year. Not decorating meant I had nothing to decorate with – so I saw this as an opportunity. Why not make some fun DIY decorations, and share a little tutorial for anyone else that may be looking for decorating ideas (either this month for Canadian Thanksgiving or in advance for those of you in the United States).

Thanksgiving, DIY Thanksgiving wreath, DIY wreath, wreath tutorial

You will need:

  • A wreath form (these can come as a foam like the one I used, wire, wooden or even by cutting and duct taping a pool noodle into a ring depending on the size you are hoping to achieve)
  • Yarn in the colour that you would like the main ring of the wreath to be
  • Ribbon both to use to hang the wreath as well as to create the banner across the middle
  • Cardstock, burlap or fabric and a permanent marker to create the letters on the banner
  • A selection of silk flowers and leaves
  • A hot glue gun

Thanksgiving, DIY Thanksgiving wreath, DIY wreath, wreath tutorial

If you are creating your wreath form out of a pool noodle, you will need to start with that in order to create your ring. If not, take the ring that you have purchased. I found this foam style ring at the local Dollarama. It’s a little smaller than a lot of the wreath forms that I have seen out there, which made it perfect for what I was looking for.

Taking the yarn that you selected for the main colour of your wreath, glue the end of the ball to the back of your wreath. Remember that you will need to be able to wrap this yarn around the wreath so you may have to create a smaller ball of yarn to work with as I did. Wrap the yarn tightly around the wreath form ensuring that you don’t leave any space between. Every so often drop a drop of glue from your glue gun on the back and keep wrapping, allowing the glue to hold the yarn in place.

If you are using smaller balls of yarn you may need to start a new ball partway through the wreath. If so simply glue the end of the current ball to the back and start the new one, careful not to leave any spaces between the yarn and then keep going.

When you reach the end, glue down the final piece of yarn on the back of the wreath.

Thanksgiving, DIY Thanksgiving wreath, DIY wreath, wreath tutorial

This is at this point that you have the opportunity to really customize your wreath. This is also where you can customize this wreath to other holidays if you happen to be reading this before Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter or some other holiday.

For my Thanksgiving wreath, I chose a number of silk flowers in reds and oranges. I also added in some other foliage just to make it look a little more realistic. I also found all of these at the Dollarama.

You can play around with how you want to arrange everything, even use tape to put them temporarily in place until you’re happy. When you have everything the way you want it, grab your glue gun and secure it all in place.

Thanksgiving, DIY Thanksgiving wreath, DIY wreath, wreath tutorial

For a finishing touch, I added the banner that stretched across the middle. I selected a lace style ribbon because I felt like it fit into the overall ‘vibe’ I was going for, however, you can use any ribbon, string or rope that you feel matches what you are going for.

To add your message you can use cardstock, felt, fabric or burlap cut into little bunting style pieces. Add the letters on either with a scrapbook style letter or, as I did, by writing them on with a permanent marker.

I glued the ribbon on each end to the back of the wreath and then glued each of the letters on. Select a message that fits the purpose of your wreath. For Thanksgiving I chose ‘Thanks,’ but you could run with anything your heart desires on this one!

Finally, tie a piece of ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it with… and VOILA!

Thanksgiving, DIY Thanksgiving wreath, DIY wreath, wreath tutorial

Hang and enjoy! Congratulations on finishing up your holiday wreath!

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, what kind of decorations do you hang up around your house? Is it a big celebration with family and friends, or just a smaller celebration with your spouse and possibly kids (if you have them)?