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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tutorial

Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner, and many of us are putting the final touches on our plans. Depending on how you celebrate, some Canadians will be laying out their dinner spread tonight, while many of us will wait to celebrate on Thanksgiving Monday. Dining room tables become a work of art with beautiful centerpieces, name tags and well-staged platters of delicious food.

I don’t know about you, but I am a master of trying to throw everything together last minute. There are times that this is due to life just being crazy busy, denying me the time and energy to consider my plans in advance, those where I simply put it off for too long losing track of time until the deadline looms before me and then there are always those times where plans change last minute requiring you to be flexible and quick on your feet.

When I set out to come up with some fun DIY decoration ideas I decided to approach this next one with that exact idea in mind. With the dinner table being the center of all Thanksgiving celebrations it is the one decoration that you will want to consider regardless of how much time you have to plan.

Here is a quick and easy DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece that will look as though you have put a fair amount of time, energy and money into your dining room table efforts (your secret’s safe with me)!

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The first step is to pick up all the supplies. There are quite a few different elements here, although everything that I used was purchased at Dollarama, so that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive!

You will need:

  • One large circular platter
  • A candle holder or glass to work as the base of the middle platter
  • 2 long rectangular platters
  • 4 clear candle holders
  • A package of Spanish moss
  • Some small pinecones or other fall-like wooden details
  • Various fall style leaves or foliage (I chose silk so that they can be stored and used again next year, however you can use real leaves the day of if you would prefer)
  • Coloured sand or vase filler in the colour of your choice (I chose red)
  • 3 larger pillar style candles, preferably different heights, although I will share how to work with them if they are the same height
  • 4 votive candles
  • A glue gun

Thanksgiving, centerpiece, DIY centerpiece, Thanksgiving centerpiece, DIY Thanksgiving

You will begin by creating the center platter that will hold the main focal point of your centerpiece. If you happen to already own a fancy raised platter or dessert tray you can go ahead and use that, but if not then you can definitely make one! You simply need one large round tray and something to use as a base – most tutorials I have seen use a candle holder, but I was unable to locate one I liked at the dollar store so instead, I simply used a shorter drinking class.

Using your glue gun securely fasten the candle holder or drinking glass to the bottom center of the platter and allow it for time to dry.

Thanksgiving, centerpiece, DIY centerpiece, Thanksgiving centerpiece, DIY Thanksgiving

Once you have the platter you can begin by placing your 3 pillar candles in the center. To really get the look you are going for, you want them to all sit at different heights. When shopping at a dollar store you may not have the selection to make this work so you have to be a little more innovative.

Taking a small piece of cardboard (I used the packaging from the items I had purchased), fold the cardboard into a little square block the height that you need to raise your candle. Using your glue gun, glue the cardboard into this block securely so that it doesn’t come apart in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner sending your candle falling into someone’s mashed potatoes. Glue the box right in the center of the base of your candle and then place them as you would like in the center of the platter.

Thanksgiving, centerpiece, DIY centerpiece, Thanksgiving centerpiece, DIY Thanksgiving

First, take your Spanish moss and spread it out around the base of the candle. This may be a little messy so be prepared to clean your workspace afterward! If you have used cardboard to raise one of your candles, use the moss to hide that from anyone viewing the centerpiece.

Take the pinecones, a few smaller leaves or foliage, or other small wooden pieces and sporadically place them around the moss until you are happy with the overall appearance.

Thanksgiving, centerpiece, DIY centerpiece, Thanksgiving centerpiece, DIY Thanksgiving

You will now move onto the two side pieces of the centerpiece. If, by chance, you are using a smaller table, or a circular table, you can skip these, but if you are looking to create a centerpiece for a longer rectangular table this will allow your centerpiece to better fit the space.

Using your coloured sand or vase filler, fill each of the 4 clear candle holders approximately half way. Place a single votive in each candle holder, securing them in the middle of the filler that you have chosen.

Thanksgiving, centerpiece, DIY centerpiece, Thanksgiving centerpiece, DIY Thanksgiving

Place the candle holders on the two rectangular platters evenly spaced. Using fall foliage, pine cones, or some other Thanksgiving or fall themed item cover the platters around the candles.

Thanksgiving, centerpiece, DIY centerpiece, Thanksgiving centerpiece, DIY Thanksgiving

Ta-Da! You have a fancy looking centerpiece for your table – all courtesy of Dollarama! Nothing beats something that is easy to assemble, looks great and is easy on the bank account!


What different ways have you added your personal touch to your holiday meals? Do you have a go-to centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table?

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