summer, Canada 150, bucket list

Who doesn’t love summer? Beaches, campfires, vacations and laughter with friends. That time of year when school is out, families are together and time seems to have no meaning.

I will still be doing the whole college thing as I took summer term, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the summer months! This year is even more exciting as we are all gearing up to celebrate Canada 150. There are more festivals, events and celebrations this year than ever before, and I plan on making the most of it!

I was reading some of my favourite blogs (I really should do a post and share some of these AMAZING works with you guys – there are some super talented bloggers out there) when I came across a blogger who shared a short bucket list of things she was hoping to do over the course of her summer. This inspired me to do something similar!

So here is my summer bucket list! I will be sure to take picture as I am crossing things off the list, so you can watch for them on my Instagram!

150 things to do for Canada 150:

1. Watch Fireworks
2. Go hiking with the puppies
3. Take a road trip with my husband.
4. Make wine slushies (I saw a video on Facebook, and they look great)
5. Play in the sprinkler with my nieces
6. Have a pool party
7. Visit Dairy Freez for a sundae
8. Make salmon kabobs on the BBQ
9. Jump off a dock
10. Go camping
11. Take a nap in my hammock in the back yard
12. Visit Canada’s Wonderland
13. Enjoy one of the local park concerts (and not just because I’m playing in it, but one that I can sit and watch)
14. Go golfing (it will only be my second time)
15. Have a water balloon fight
16. Take a family photo with the dogs
17. Make s’mores
18. Get a pedicure
19. Sleep a night under the stars.
20. Go garage sale shopping
21. Build a sand castle
22. Family campfire
23. Celebrate Canada Day with friends
24. Go for a summer bike ride
25. Make homemade real fruit popsicles
26. Rock a new bathing suit
27. Plan a girl’s day with my bestie
28. Go strawberry picking
29. Curl up by the pool with a good book (open to book suggestions)
30. Finish decorating the back yard
31. Light sparklers
32. Try yoga
33. Plant an herb garden
34. Play an old-school arcade game
35. BBQ on the beach
36. Go paddle boarding
37. Have a root beer float
38. Ride a ferris wheel
39. Pull an all nighter
40. Play on a park playground
41. Make fresh lemonade
42. Take a photography class (there are some great ones online0)
43. Have a water gun fight
44. Have a picnic
45. See a psychic
46. Find a pen pal
47. Play on a slip-n-slide
48. Ride a roller coaster
49. Bake and decorate cupcakes
50. Keep a journal
51. Play hopscotch
52. Watch a summer thunderstorm
53. Skip rocks
54. Pull an allnighter
55. Finger painting
56. Have a fondue night
57. Go star gazing
58. Play with sidewalk chalk
59. Catch fireflies
60. Go horseback riding
61. Climb a tree
62. Take a day trip with my husband
63. Eat watermelon
64. Watch the sun rise over the lake
65. Drink a slurpee
66. Feed the birds
67. Binge watch a show on Netflix
68. Eat a snow cone
69. Watch a baseball game
70. Go on a wine tour
71. Take part in a charity event
72. Ride on a carousel
73. Explore the city as if I’m a tourist
74. Play in the rain
75. Play beach volleyball
76. Make homemade pizza
77. Drive with the windows down and the tunes cranked
78. Go to the zoo
79. Play laser tag
80. Stay in pajamas all day watching movies
81. Go to a local festival such as the Essex Fun Fest
82. Play Frisbee
83. Enjoy an iced coffee
84. Try a new restaurant
85. Go fishing
86. Jump on a trampoline
87. Pick wildflowers
88. Play with a waterproof camera
89. Have a pillow fight
90. Try a new hair colour
91. Visit a random new city for a day
92. Go bowling
93. Get a tan
94. Eat freezies
95. Go to a museum
96. Relax in a hottub
97. Family movie night
98. Go paintballing
99. Play in a bouncy castle
100. Visit a historical landmark/site
101. Go roller skating
102. Enter something in the local fair
103. Watch a hot air balloon
104. Have a paint fight
105. Take part in a walk/run
106. Take a midnight walk
107. Go for a boat ride
108. Do a summer craft (like a beach crayon candle)
109. Christmas in July
110. Go on a water slide
111. All you can eat sushi
112. Go canoeing or kayaking
113. Plant flowers
114. Drink from a coconut
115. Make homemade dog treats
116. Drink fresh squeezed cherry lemonade
117. Sing campfire songs
118. Eat cotton candy
119. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
120. Give myself a makeover
121. Decorate cookies
122. Try glamping
123. Go go-karting
124. Play fetch with the dogs
125. Make a summer playlist
126. Visit the local library
127. Send postcards
128. Make ice cream sandwiches
129. Have a game night
130. Play with bubbles
131. Collect and donate goods for a local animal rescue
132. Play a carnival game
133. Try a new hobby
134. Grow my own food
135. Ride a ferry or day cruise
136. Make a photo book documenting the summer
137. Finish refurbishing/modernizing our bed
138. Go shopping at the local Farmer’s Market
139. Go to a concert (some of our local fairs and festivals bring in some good artists/groups)
140. Go to a drive-in movie
141. Make a blanket fort with the nieces, and curl up in it to watch a movie together
142. Visit a waterpark
143. Try some type of new food
144. Go night swimming
145. Have a ‘spa day’ (doesn’t necessarily mean going out, this can be done at home!)
146. Fly a kite
147. Enjoy a funnel cake
148. Get a new piercing
149. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
150. Eat from a food truck

What are your must do summer activities? Do you have big plans for this summer? Fellow Canadians, how are you planning on celebrating Canada 150?