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Here we are on Christmas Eve and we are nearing the end of the ’12 Days of Blogmas’ challenge. This was my first Blogmas and it has been SO much fun! I can honestly say that I will be doing it again next year! Maybe I will even update the challenge prompts again, or make a ‘Blogtober’ set of prompts? Now my mind is spinning with ideas… LIfe of a blogger, right?

I left two very important prompts until the end specifically due to the fact that days 11 and 12 will fall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope that these help to spark a little extra Christmas spirit in those that need it. For those that are all gung-ho for the Christmas season already, grab a mug of hot chocolate and we’ll celebrate together!

“On the eleventh day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me…

Eleven Holiday Traditions!”

One thing that is true for nearly everyone that I talk to regarding the holiday season is that there is some type of tradition or celebration that says ‘Christmas’ to them. This may be festivities with friends and family, a specific event that occurs in the community or a more personal celebration that marks the season. Today I’m going to open the door and welcome you into our lives for but a moment, sharing 11 different Christmas traditions that are important to the hubby and I!

1. The first parade of the holiday season always draws that line in the sand for me. I used to tell my husband that we had to go watch a local parade to help me ‘find’ my Christmas spirit, however, since becoming an instructor with the local marching band that’s no longer an option. Instead, the Christmas season is packed full of parade after parade. Despite knowing what is to come, that first parade really holds that special level of excitement.

2.  Does anyone else get overly excited when it comes time to set up the Christmas tree? One of the main reasons that we have a fake tree is because of my need to set it up so early. I refuse to decorate before Remembrance Day, which I acknowledge is totally a personal choice but one that I stand firmly by, however November 12th its fair game! This year I literally had my husband bring the tree out of storage on the 12th, although I will admit that it didn’t get set up until far later…

3. I have always had a love for Christmas light displays. My husband and I have a tradition where we take a night every year, buy hot chocolate, and drive around checking out all the light displays in the area. I, of course, have Christmas music on the radio the whole time.

4. Christmas Concerts have always held an important role in my life, however, that role has changed over the years. Throughout high school and University, I would perform in a concert each year. As I moved into adult life I missed that, but it wasn’t long before I was involved with various high school groups. Each had their own Christmas concert that I made sure not to attend. Today, the community concert band that I perform with has an annual Christmas concert.

5. Every year on Christmas Eve my husband’s family gathers for their family Christmas. Santa himself comes and hands out all the gifts.

6. My hubby’s family does a shot every year in memory of his father and all those who are no longer with us.

7. This is a fun tradition that only those who know their Christmas movies will understand… Down the road from my Mother in Law’s house one of the houses has a leg lamp in the window so every year we walk down to see it.

8. One catch to living a fair distance away from my family is that there is a road trip involved any time we get together. Every year my husband and I wake up Christmas morning, pack the Jeep and hit the road. This includes Christmas music and got chocolate.

9. Pets are an important part of my family. Each year we buy gifts for one another’s pets as well, wrapping them and putting them under the tree.

10. My family waits until Boxing Day for family Christmas each year, giving everyone the opportunity to make the trip. It’s always at my mother’s house and includes a buffet style meal that we pick at all day.

11. When I was in University I met an amazing friend that I wound up living with. We celebrated every holiday together – I even remember going home with her for Easter and her mother had an Easter basket for me. Times and life have changed, but we still celebrate our Bestie Christmas each year. Now it includes her little one, both of our hubbies (they have their own bromance) and another little one on the way.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Are there some events that really define Christmas for you?

“…Ten wishlist items,

Nine Holiday movies,

Eight Christmas photos,

Seven winter accessories,

Six light displays,

Five Christmas treats,

Four Christmas carols,

Three festive outfits,

Two worthy charities,

And a tour of my Christmas tree!