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We’re getting closer to the end of the ’12 Days of Blogmas’ challenge, and I can’t believe it – That means Christmas is just around the corner! It has been so fun working with the various Blogmas prompts, adding my own spin to each day as well as seeing what the other participants have come up with! Thank you to the amazing bloggers who have joined me this year. If you haven’t checked them out, swing over to the ’12 Days of Blogmas’ page and there is a complete list. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


“On the tenth day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me…

Ten Wishlist Items!”


Here we are, day 10 and Christmas just around the corner. Let me start by saying yes, I am aware that in posting so late means I’m likely not going to get anything on my wishlist here this Christmas. That’s actually not why I do these posts. Maybe you are looking for a last minute gift idea and need some inspiration? Or maybe this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about these items with the people around me, I am just now sharing them with you here for the first time. Regardless, there is one purpose I can see this post serving… When all is said and done, and the Christmas festivities are over, guess where I am returning to with my holiday cash???


Garmin Vivosport


gift, wishlist, Christmas wishlist, wishlist items

Those who know me well know that I have been lusting over the Garmin wearables for some time now. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be the first item on this list that I give in and purchase after the holidays have passed. I love that it can track everything on the fitness side, but also keep me connected with my phone including text messages, phone calls and social media notifications, all of which are important when you own your own business, especially as a social media manager!


Slytherin Knit Throw 

Christmas, Christmas wishlist, wishlist, holiday, holiday wishlist

I am IN LOVE with this throw blanket. Simple blankets like this are a big thing in my house because I am permanently cold. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if the fireplace is going, or how hot my husband agrees to keep the house, I am still shivering. For this reason, he can be completely comfortable in a t-shirt while I am curled up under a blanket for warmth. I have a few blankets I love – a leopard print one and an Ottawa Senators one for example, but I haven’t added a Slytherin throw to my collection!


Jack Skellington Lounge Pants

Christmas, Christmas wishlist, wishlist, holiday, holiday wishlist

Working from home is a great thing with many perks, one of which is that I don’t have to ‘dress to impress.’ For this reason, I am often working in yoga pants or pyjama pants, because why not be comfortable? I was browsing the Disney store online when I came across these and instantly knew that I had to have them!


David’s Tea Iced Tea Press

Christmas, Christmas wishlist, wishlist, holiday, holiday wishlist

Anyone who pays attention to my social media feed already knows that I almost always have a tea or coffee in hand when I’m posting during the day. I literally don’t think I can function without my morning caffeine fix. After seeing a YouTube video where someone was trying the David’s Tea tea press, I am beyond amazed by how handy they are when you’re on the go and I really want to have one on hand!


Skull Bluetooth Speaker

gift, wishlist, Christmas wishlist, wishlist items

How awesome is this Bluetooth speaker that a friend recently shared with me? I am currently in the process of putting together my home office just the way I like it and been picking up the little touches… Decorations for the shelves, wall art, etc. This is great because it serves 2 purposes: I’d always have a speaker on hand AND the skull would totally match the decor in my office!


Slytherin Crest Lounge Pants

Christmas, Christmas wishlist, wishlist, holiday, holiday wishlist

Sticking with the idea that I am a fan of clothing I can comfortably wear around the house, it is no surprise that these pants stood out. Not only do they look incredibly cosy, but they are also representing the Slytherin house which, as I have shared on here, I proudly belong to. I am a Harry Potter geek, I admit it and I’m not sorry haha!


Nap Shiatsu Massaging Bed Rest

gift, wishlist, Christmas wishlist, wishlist items

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to spend the day in bed. The perk of working from home is that it is feasible to do so even on a work day so long as I have the right set up… While I love my current bedrest pillow, this one takes it to a whole new level! Cup holder, massage options… I can just imagine curling up one morning with this, a cup of tea and my laptop, enjoying the fact that I don’t have to leave the comfort of bed hahaha


Ottawa Senators Pullover Hoodie

Christmas, Christmas wishlist, wishlist, holiday, holiday wishlist

I am a HUGE Ottawa Senators fan, a fact that I know that I have eluded to from time to time on my Twitter account… Ok, by eluded I mean I may have blown up my Twitter during games sharing all of the information while cheering my team on at the top of lungs. That’s life as a sports fan right? While I have a lot of team gear, this sweater looks incredibly warm and comfortable. I think it might need to be added to my collection…


Method BT Sport Earbud

gift, wishlist, Christmas wishlist, wishlist items

I have always been a fairly active person, and as such the idea of investing in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones is definitely not lost on me. The brand Skullcandy has a great reputation for their products, and I’m sure these will not disappoint. They would be a great idea for jogging with the pups, hitting the treadmill, hiking, or any other random activities I decide to experience at one time or another!


Harry Potter Black and Gold Wallet

Christmas, Christmas wishlist, wishlist, holiday, holiday wishlist

I have a great new purse now that I am loving on, however, I am still using a very generic wallet. One thing I have always taken pride in is that I don’t generally do generic – not if I can find something that screams me in its place. I have been keeping my eyes open for the ‘right’ wallet and I think I found it with this one!


“…Nine Holiday movies,

Eight Christmas photos,

Seven winter accessories,

Six light displays,

Five Christmas treats,

Four Christmas carols,

Three festive outfits,

Two worthy charities,

And a tour of my Christmas tree!