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Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas day is now behind us and Blogmas has concluded for the season. This year has FLOWN by, hasn’t it? I have one last holiday-themed post to share with all of you-  The big reveal for Blogger Secret Santa!

Before the holidays I noticed I was seeing a few different posts discussing different Secret Santa swaps in the Blogosphere. Unfortunately, as with many things in the blogging world, I noticed that this was largely UK based. There isn’t nearly as big of a Canadian blogging community anywhere that I look. I tweeted, asking if anyone knew of something going on in Canada or the US (I have a friend just over the border that I could use to participate in a US-based swap) and I was beyond excited to learn that the gorgeous and talented Megan Anne over at Love Megan Anne was arranging a global swap! Needless to say, it took me all of 10 seconds at most from learning I could to sending in my form to sign up!

As part of the swap, each participant is sharing what they received in a blog post.


I work from home, and my home office is at the very front of the house. This means I can actually see the postman as he walks up to my mailbox and drops off my mail. It’s a great set up when you’re waiting, excited for something to arrive! I didn’t waste time heading out to see what he had delivered when I saw there was more than letters and bills in his hand that day…

Inside was two nicely wrapped packages and a card from Yolanda at Put the Kettle On!

blogger, blogger secret santa, secret santa

She sent me a beautiful Nordic Mug to customize and a collection of holidays teas from David’s Tea. She also included a candy cane, because what is Christmas without a candy cane – right? While I hadn’t seen this particular steeping mug before, I actually had put the teas on my wishlist when chatting with family and friends. I am a tea ADDICT – I honestly can’t function without it, so this couldn’t have been more perfect!

blogger, blogger secret santa, secret santa, blogmas, christmas

I can always use a new steeper mug, as I only have a couple right now and I feel like they are always dirty… Maybe that’s an indication of how often I do the dishes? Haha! I love that this is a customizable option. It comes with a pen for you to draw your own design onto the mug and then you can bake it on. I haven’t actually done it yet as things have just been too crazy with the holidays, but I can’t wait to sit down and decide what I want to put on there! I’m sure I’ll change my mind at least a dozen times between now and then!

blogger, blogger secret santa, secret santa, Christmas

The tea was the ‘Sweet & Decadent’ teas, with a one cup sample of 6 different holiday teas. This is a set that I wanted in particular because I’m not overly familiar with their holiday teas (but I am their regular day to day teas haha). It’s a nice mixture of different teas with black, fruit, white and green teas, meaning that there is something for every tea drinker out there. It’s a great way to try them out and decide which you prefer most.

The teas included are walnut orange scone (white tea), white cranberry bark (fruit infusion), caramel shortbread (fruit infusion), let it snow (green tea), sleigh ride (fruit infusion) and candy cane crush (black). I have been enjoying these teas when I have a quiet evening to relax, sitting by the fire and watching holiday movies. What better way to enjoy a holiday tea?

blogger, blogger secret santa, secret santa, Christmas, tea, Christmas tea

For those that may be interested in these teas, and tea addicts like myself, here are my thoughts on the three that I have tried thus far:

White Cranberry Bark: There is no doubt that this tea is a fruit infusion. It smells incredibly fruit, its bright red and colour and it is definitely a fruit tea taste-wise. I found that the cranberry in particular really stood out when drinking it. If you like a berry tea, you’ll love this one!

Caramel Shortbread: While this is also a fruit tea, there was a lot more of the ‘bitter’ tea taste that you would expect from a traditional black tea rather than the ‘fruity’ taste. Don’t get me wrong, the fruit was there, but it was subtle.

Candy Cane Crush: This is the tea pictured above. The first thing that I noticed when I was steeping this tea is that the white chocolate pieces melted down giving the tea the impression that there is milk or cream in the tea when you look at it. It’s a little sweeter than most teas that I love (I refused to put sugar in my tea, and tend to prefer more bitter tasting teas) but the mixture of white chocolate and candy cane was amazing. This was my favourite of the three.


I want to thank Yolanda again for this incredible gift. I absolutely love it. Thank you also to Megan Anne for putting the work into planning and organizing this year’s swap.

Are you a tea drinker? If so, what types of tea do you generally prefer?