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I don’t often write about blogging topics on here, but I have seen SO much of this as of late I just HAD TO say something. I am getting overly tired of seeing poorly written posts or bad advice about ‘how to blog’ ‘the right way to win at *insert social media platform here*’, etc. from people who honestly have no business writing about the topic in the first place!

Now I’m not saying every blog on these topics is a waste of your time. There is some excellent content out there. The problem is you must weed through so much crap to find it!


This is one of my biggest pet peeves: If you are going to write an entire blog about how to blog, how to win at blogging, the right ways to blog, tips and tricks for blogging or whatever spin on this specific niche you may so choose – you better actually have some experience to back up your posts!

If your first blog ever is about blogging, and your first ever written blog post is ‘Here is how to win at blogging’ why should anyone even give your content the time of day? Where are you even getting your information from… Copying and pasting other people’s advice who may or may not know what they are talking about, but you can’t be sure to curate quality content because you don’t actually know if what they said would work or not?

Now if you have a kick ass blog with a bunch of subscribers, please feel free to share how you did it. If you are making money blogging, I’d love to hear what you tried – what worked, what didn’t – how you got to where you were at.

Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing – There are ways to do this stuff. I should know, I have shelled out a few thousand dollars in education and certifications before I started my own digital and social media marketing career. Its what I do for a living when I’m not sitting here sharing my random daily thoughts with all of you.


Yes, you read that right – there are actual college and university level courses in digital marketing. That’s because there are actual tried and tested facts and techniques to succeed!


Now I don’t generally blog on here about blogging, social media, marketing tips, SEO and other such related topics simply because I have enjoyed having this blog as something personal and separate from my career. That being said, for those of you I connect with that are blogging, I would always be happy to answer questions if you have them! So, don’t think that I don’t blog on these topics because I want to keep all my secrets hoarded to myself like some spoiled rich girl locking her fortune away in a tower, greedily keep it all to herself. Its just not the focus of this blog on a regular basis.

For those that do know what you’re talking about, its time that we as a community hold ourselves accountable. Share the quality content and speak up when you see someone being given bad advice. Don’t accept less than what you know the blogging community deserves! As long as we continue to turn a blind eye, new bloggers will be misled and taken advantage of.

If you are newer to the digital marketing, blogging and social media world and would like to blog about it – then do the work first! Put your money where your mouth is! Take some courses, learn the industry, educate yourself. Start a blog on another topic that you enjoy or are passionate about, and give your new-found knowledge a try. Check out what works for you and what doesn’t. Be hands on.

You wouldn’t hand a scalpel to someone because they just announced they know everything about surgery, and you wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant where the head chef had never actually cooked a meal before in his or her life, just read a little bit about it and assumed that was good enough.


‘Know-it-all’ bloggers make us all look bad. They threaten the credibility of the blogging community for those that follow, enjoy and even advertise with bloggers on a regular basis. We all deserve better.

Were you ever given horrible advice when you started blogging? Have you ever stopped to look at the biography and credentials of the bloggers you are taking advice from?