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Alright, so we’ve all been there at one point or another… You know that you want to put some quality content out there so you sit down in front of your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone ready to write and your mind just goes blank… Writer’s Block!

From my experience, there are two major kinds of writer’s block… The first is when you have nothing. No ideas, no inspiration, no words – your mind just goes completely blank. You don’t know where you start because you have nothing to build on.

The second type I experience is when I have all the ideas in the world, but none of them seem to speak to me. This is what happened today. I opened up my handy dandy notebook to the dozens of ideas I have written down as they came to mind. I flipped through the pages (that’s right – multiple pages of ideas) and nothing jumped out. Nothing ‘felt’ right…

After staring at it for awhile I realized that I was overthinking it, the answer for what to blog today was right under my nose… It was time for me to write a blog post that many of my favourite bloggers have touched on at one point or another. Ideas to help one another break through the brick wall that is writer’s block!

So, with that thought, here are 50 blog post ideas in the event that you are struggling with type #1. I tried to steer away from the usual suggestions that you see on these posts to give you some new/different ideas that you may not have already come across:


  1. Review the latest book you’ve read or movie you have watched
  2. Interview someone you look up to and/or admire
  3. Share your recent travel experiences
  4. Make recommendations for someone who may be traveling to your hometown
  5. Create a top 10 list of something: summer reads, Netflix shows to binge watch, Starbucks drinks, etc.
  6. Share your goals/dreams, either long-term or some shorter-term goals
  7. Create a bucket list
  8. Share your favourite bloggers/YouTubers/Instagram accounts/Twitter accounts
  9. Open up about your fears… What honestly scares you?
  10. Share your artwork if you are an artist
  11. Discuss how you help yourself to stay organized or motivated in regards to your blogging efforts
  12. Open up your phone and reveal your latest smartphone pictures
  13. List your ‘must have’ phone apps
  14. Create a list of facts about yourself that your readers may not know
  15. Share some of the most important lessons you have learned up to this point in your life
  16. Discuss why you started blogging
  17. Is there a blog post another blogger wrote recently that you just LOVE? Discuss and link back to it, sharing it with your readers so they can enjoy it too
  18. Tell the story behind your blog title/logo
  19. Share your favourite holiday and discuss why it tops the list for you
  20. Open up about some bad habits you are trying to break and how you plan on doing so such as procrastination, sleeping in every day, being disorganized, starting projects but not seeing them through, etc.
  21. If you have been blogging for awhile, reflect back on your most popular posts
  22. Share your favourite recipe
  23. Discuss a current fashion trend that you are either loving on or can’t stand
  24. Share your latest big ‘spoil me’ purchase, something that you went all out on
  25. Plan an at home spa day and detail it in a post including what products you used
  26. Do you love or collect something like stationary? Share your recent finds and what you are loving
  27. Discuss your dream job, and how either you managed to get into that role or how you are working on getting in that role if you are at this time
  28. Visit a new coffee shop or restaurant in your area and share your experience
  29. Similar to #17, look back at your social media and share some most popular Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram posts
  30. Share your greatest pet peeves
  31. Be vulnerable and do a no holds barred ‘what’s in my bag’ post
  32. Do a shout out to your readers, maybe even featuring some comments/some people that you have seen repeatedly engaging on your content, making them feel special
  33. Take to social media to request questions for a Q&A: this could be a general Q&A or you can choose a topic to stick to
  34. Do a flash back post showing how much you have changed in some area of your life such as your makeup choices, fashion, favourite music, etc.
  35. Share a favourite hobby
  36. Are you a budget shopper? Share your latest dollar store/thrift store/clearance section finds
  37. Do you have a birthday coming up? Create a birthday wish list (note: ‘coming up’ is relevant… if you’re alive, you have a birthday coming up)
  38. Are you a gym rat? Share your latest workout routines
  39. Do you specialize in something and are often fielding questions to your email/DM? Create an FAQ post with the questions you are asked most often
  40. Create an A to Z post, such as an A to Z of your favourite beauty products, or A to Z post on travel advice
  41. Did you have someone mentor or guide you early in your blogging journey? Discuss this person’s influence and thank them in a post
  42. Discuss any home renovations or decorating that you have recently done
  43. Have you recently enjoyed a specific author’s work, been touched by a poet or are you enthralled with the work of a visual artist? Share them with your readers including a short bio and a link back to their website, social media, etc.
  44. Do you enjoy creative writing like poetry? Write a poem or short story
  45. Have you recently attended a conference or workshop? Share your key takeaways
  46. What are your must have travel essentials?
  47. Create and share a music playlist of your favourite artists/bands at this time
  48. Are you a podcast lover? Share your favourite podcasts
  49. Share either your morning or nighttime routine
  50. Create a ‘haul’ style post focusing on something that fits your interests: a fashion haul, shoe haul, makeup haul, library book haul, pet store haul, etc.


If you are battling the second kind of writer’s block I discussed, those post ideas may not have helped you out at all. My advice for you is to try not to over think it. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own head, making the whole situation WAY more difficult than it actually needs to be. Try to clear your mind, and just roll with it. Maybe something will come to you, maybe not. Relieve yourself of the stress of expectations. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is when the weight has been lifted!

What are your favourite blog post ideas? What do you do to help yourself work through writer’s block?