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I LOVE having pets, don’t get me wrong! My fur kids are a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine life without them BUT I have noticed that a lot of us pet owners get a bad reputation due to those that allow their homes to heavily reflect the presence of these trouble makers.

It’s definitely not easy trying to keep the house clean at times! There is the constant shedding (with some breeds more than others), dirty/muddy paws and, don’t forget, the unmistakable smell of wet dog. While some pet owners will throw in the towel, accepting their fate of having a less than clean home, I firmly believe that having pets doesn’t mean that I can’t maintain a clean fresh home. It’s all about learning the tricks of the trade!

First, I can’t recommend Febreze enough! While I was sent this bottle complimentary for review purposes, Febreze is a staple in our home!

Now there have been a number of rumors that were flying around the internet at one point arguing that the use of Febreze is dangerous for pets, but this has been proven to be inaccurate. The National Animal Interest Alliance released an article debunking this claim, as supported by the National Animal Poison Control Center and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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While I am particular about ensuring that I am on top of housework knowing I have these 4 running the house (daily vacuuming still doesn’t stay ahead of their current shedding habits with the warm weather), we’ve all had that moment when we know that company is coming over and we need to do the rush last minute tidy up. It is at this point that I take my trusty bottle of Febreze to all of the furniture and curtains in the house instantly giving my home a clean, fresh feeling!

Sure, it sounds like some cheesy sales line, but this is entirely my own personal opinion! Any of my friends in real life can attest to the battle that I have determined to keep my house from smelling like a kennel. I even went out of my way to find a house this time that had no carpets to avoid having to deal with keeping them clean! Hardwood floors for the win!!!


Here are 5 other tips to keeping your house clean and odor free:

  1. Schedule Pet Laundry Day

Approximately once a week we have pet laundry day here in our house. During this time, all bedding, blankets and any toys that are washer safe are all cleaned up, leaving them smelling fresh and clean! I’ve discussed my love of vinegar on here before, but this is another time that I turn to plain white vinegar around the home. If you find that some items are particularly rank smelling (beds are notorious for that) then add white vinegar to your laundry load to help eliminate the odor and naturally soften the bedding in the process.


  1. Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a great way of managing the air that you are breathing in your home, especially if you or someone you love is also dealing with allergies. Find an air purifier with a HEPA-type filter to trap airborne particles. Some of these purifiers will also come with an air freshener option to further battle the scents associated with having pets.


  1. Baking Soda is Your Friend

Looking for a natural way to trap scents? Look no further! We use baking soda like it is going out of style in our home! Someone should tell Arm & Hammer – I think our home would be a viable marketing campaign in and of itself! If you have an area that you keep your dog’s belongings such as harnesses, leashes, etc. leave an open box there to absorb the odors. This will also work to control the smell that can linger from stored pet foods and treats (some of them smell HORRIBLE if you ask me!) It can also work wonders to deal with odors in your furniture – sprinkle some baking soda on your chairs and couches and allow it to sit overnight, vacuuming it up the next day. It will take a good portion of the odors with it!


  1. Replace Your Dog’s Collar

While some of you may believe that you can keep one dog collar throughout your dog’s life as long as it doesn’t get damaged, this is not recommended! These collars collect dirt, grime, germs and more throughout the day. While you can wash them from time to time, eventually you’re better served picking up a replacement. There are some great non-odor absorbing materials that will help to keep the stink down from long time wear. Consider it an excuse to pamper your pet a bit with a new look!


  1. Invest in an Absorbent Door Mat

This is a purchase that many dog owners overlook but I can’t stress it enough! A good, absorbent dog mat will help to minimize the mess that your pup will track into your home. Nobody likes muddy puppy paws all through the house if you can avoid it! Especially if you have a pup (like mine) that will beeline straight for the couch or bed, because why not?


What steps do you take to keep your home clean and odor free? Do you have specific tricks that you swear by? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section!