As those of you who also follow me on social media know, my husband and I moved into a new house in November! We had been house hunting in a specific small town for well over a year and were having the hardest time finding a place that met all of our ‘requirements’. Here is where I admit that I had a few VERY firm requirements that I wouldn’t budge on…. I needed a good sized, fenced yard, at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, NO carpet, and I was moving into a town with a known flooding issue (and a history as an insurance broker) so that was also factored into each and every house of consideration.

Luckily I also had some great friends who were also keeping their eyes and ears open. That’s how this house came to be. One of those great friends knew the couple that were living here before us, and connected the dots for us. When we came to see the house, I loved the character of the home! There was a perfect office right near the front door (so I don’t have to parade a client through the house), it hit on everything we were being so picky about… and then we stepped out into the backyard. SOLD!

This backyard was everything I wanted and more. It’s a good size for the pups, fully fenced, and is going to be the most used part of our house hands down! There are two separate decks – one is a great size for entertaining on and one connected with the above ground pool in the middle of the yard!

Even better – the pups fell in love the second we let them go!



Once we moved in it became ‘Mission Backyard Makeover’. I wanted to take a yard with SO much potential and make it our perfect oasis… A place where I can study and work outside, we can have friends over to hang out and where you can’t help but be completely at ease.

So, I started browsing Pinterest (OF COURSE!) for all the best ideas, and putting together a picture of what I wanted. Now for the hard part, making it happen!

My husband scored a GREAT find through searching Kijiji, and last weekend we moved our new outdoor bar into the yard. It has plumbing, power, its hooked up with lighting…. What better addition to the yard than that??? It fits the space perfectly! I mean, its not hooked up for use yet but we’ll get there! We’ve been shopping trying to pick patio furniture, lighting, decorations…

I did settle on a light style that I kept seeing on Pinterest. The tree in our backyard is placed perfectly that we can run them from the house to the tree and back so that they hang over where we would be sitting. I can’t wait to get them hooked up! (These pictures are from Snapchat – but I had to share my excitement setting up the bar, as well as my perfect light find!)



This weekend – Patio furniture!!!!

We had great weather on the weekend to move the bar in, but after a week now of constant rain it has now decided that we needed one more snowfall for the year. SO – our backyard makeover is semi on hold… I mean we’re still shopping, just holding off on setting anything up. Once mother nature plays nice I’ll update with Part 2!

Check out Part 2!


What is your favourite spot in your house? Do you have a home ‘oasis’ of some sort?