I know I have kept you all waiting – but all good things take time! If you read the Back Yard Makeover Part 1 post then you already know that we are currently working on creating our own back yard oasis. After the first part of this series of posts I left you with pictures of our awesome new back yard, a sneak peek of the bar we were installing as well as a selfie holding the lights we had purchased.

There has definitely been some work going down since that! Both my husband and I have been working hard – installing some of the items that we have already purchased, and shopping for one more big ticket purchase to help finish off that back deck area. It’s finally starting to shape up into a space I want to spend all my time in… I have even worked outside multiple days this past week!

Enough of the chatter though, I can hear you all saying it – Lets get to the pictures and the updates!

With the bar installed (we even picked up the hardware to hook up the power and water connections so that its fully functional) we decided the next big addition we needed, obviously, was a patio set so that we could sit out there and enjoy the space!

We wanted a set that was going to be durable, but at this stage of the came the finances weren’t there to be dropping a $1000 on a good patio set. I was a little picky, stating I wanted a glass top table… I just like the look of them. We ended up finding the perfect set at WalMart! Unfortunately we hit a slight snag… My husband went, paid and attempted to load the Jeep only to find the boxes were just slightly larger than he could fit! Luckily my brother-in-law was willing to come to the rescue and deliver them to us!

All of this went down while I was away manning the recruitment table for the marching band that I am an instructor for, so I came home to find the boxes in my back yard. It was time to prepare to open the boxes and get everything set up. My husband went running to the garage, gathering up all the tools he thought we may require. I had a different idea of ‘preparing’…

With drinks in hand, and tools by our side we set out to get everything set up! Now I’m not going to lie, there was a good part of this process that included me sitting with a camera in one hand and a wine glass in the other watching my husband and taking pictures for this blog… Luckily for me he found that funny! I did however help out as soon as it required more than one person to move the process along!

With the table now set up and ready to go, it was time to sit down and enjoy. But only for a moment! We had more work to get done!


After enjoying the table long enough for one drink (and some puppy cuddles) it was time to move onto the next project that we were hoping to tackle – getting the lights hung. I had a vision for the lights when we purchased the – perpetuated by numerous pictures on Pinterest. My husband, however, was just patient with whatever I wanted hahaha.

The hanging of the lights was an ordeal – we learned that we needed to secure the two strings together, because when they come unplugged a light string comes flying directly at my head. We also learned those bulbs shatter REALLY good when they hit a chair or table!

This brought us to the end of phase 2 – and the results so far are amazing! Without even going into the next phase (there is definitely more to be done, and more blog posts to follow) I already LOVE the result!!!

I also have to share this picture taken from my iPhone just the other day (a few days after the day we got all this work done) because I just love the way it turned out, and really shows what its like without the additional lighting (because my husband forgot to turn the back flood lights off when taking the above pictures).

Can’t wait to see what its like when all is said and done! Next step I would like to get a sign for the bar (we have been scouting out ideas) and start getting some stuff organized taking the pool and pool deck into consideration…

Stay tuned for Part 3!

Have you ever taken on a yard makeover type project? Do you currently have your dream back yard? What would you do if you could change one thing in your current yard?