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I’ve talked a lot about all the great things that autumn brings – the beautiful colours, all things pumpkin and apple, beautiful fall accessories and, of course, Halloween – but there is another side to the coming of this season. You see, with autumn comes a significant change in the lives of many of us.

We move from a summer of vacations, holiday weekends, summer parties and beach days back to the grind that spells out most of the work year. Students literally come from a full-blown summer vacation to hitting the books once again. With this transition can come high stress, frustration and even depression for some. For this reason, it is important, as always, to focus on our self-care.

For some, self-care is an easy concept, something that they have worked into their regular schedule and made part of their daily lives. I will admit, I have always envied these people because it comes far less natural to me! I need to make a point of consciously choosing to practice self care, scheduling it into my day and prioritizing that time slot the same way that I would a doctor’s appointment.

I like to find new, interesting ways to include self care as a way to inspire myself and keep it interesting. For that reason, here are 14 autumn specific self care ideas:


  1. Pick up some new fall fashions. This could be a full new outfit, a new pair of boots or even something smaller like a new scarf. If there is something speaking to you then treating yourself occasionally can be a great form of self care.


  1. Binge watch a favourite tv show or movie curled up under a blanket on the couch. It’s a little chilly out right now, so give into the warm comfort of your favourite blanket for an afternoon. There are some GREAT Halloween movies to check out!


  1. Are you a tea drinker? Check out some fun new fall tea blends. Most speciality tea stores have seasonal teas that they roll out. I am a tea addict personally, and sometimes a simple hot cup of tea can be exactly what the doctor ordered.


  1. Enjoy a bonfire, either solo or with friends/family. Bust out the marshmallows and make smores, tell scary stories or just curl up in the warmth of the fire entranced by its dancing colours. There is something truly captivating and relaxing about a fire.


  1. Check out a local fall festival or fair. Depending on where you live you may have a lot of options for this, or you may be limited. We’re lucky here, there always seems to be something happening if you just take the time to look into it.


  1. Take a walk and enjoy the colours. We are surrounded by such beautiful autumn leaves this time of year, and the weather is cool enough to enjoy a relaxing summer stroll – take advantage of it!


  1. Decorate for the holidays. Whatever it is that you enjoy most – maybe you want to make a new wreath to hang on your door or carve a pumpkin. If something brings you joy, then give yourself that time to just be happy and enjoy it. The seasonal décor around the house may also bring your joy extending the impact of this one.


  1. Pick up your favourite fall treat. This could be a fall seasonal vegetable like butternut squash, a pumpkin latte, apple cider, or even your favourite Halloween candy. Whatever it is, allow yourself to enjoy some as a treat, and enjoy the moment. Savor it.


  1. Go for a fun fall mini makeover. It could be dying your hair a new, fun fall colour, or changing up your makeup choices in favour of a fall-inspired colour palette. A mini makeover can give you the self-esteem boost that you need at this time.


  1. Go apple picking our hit a pumpkin patch. Either head out solo, or bring along some of your closest friends/family for a fun group outing. I have so many memories as a kid heading to the pumpkin patch with my family!


  1. Plan a weekend fall getaway. Book a little bed and breakfast out in the country somewhere, where you can just sit on the porch and take in the fall colours. Allow yourself to enjoy it!


  1. Burn some fall inspired candles, or melt some fall inspired wax melts. Each season I go for a small shopping trip specifically looking for candles to burn while working in my office. This year’s autumn addiction is salted caramel (it’s amazing).


  1. Try a new fall themed recipe. This may be a new casserole, some fun fall-themed cookies or your favourite fall-inspired pies. If you are someone who takes joy in cooking or baking, this is the perfect way to take some ‘me time’ and embrace the fall spirit.


  1. Get a fall themed mani/pedi. Whether we are talking a fall themed design, or simply fall colours, there is so much out there to embrace this time of year. Pinterest is a great source of ideas!


Do you make a point of practising self care regularly? If so, what are your favourite forms of self care?