dryer balls, wool dryer balls

As I referenced in my previous blog post about cleaning with vinegar, we are big on the non-chemical alternatives in this house! One item that many people forget when they start the journey of eliminating chemicals is your dryer sheets. Personally, I’ll admit, it didn’t even cross my mind until I was sent this article from Branch Basics. 12 toxic chemicals??? Not something I needed to keep around!

I started considering a few alternatives including some friendlier fabric softener options, as well as dryer balls. The idea of dryer balls intrigued me simply because of the cost factor – it was going to cost a little more in initial cost, but we would save a ton in the long run! There were different options to consider, such as plastic vs wool, so I settled in with my laptop and a green tea to do my research.

After A LOT of reading, and asking so many questions from some of the vendors that they were probably ready to hog-tie me and leave me in a closet somewhere (its ok, I don’t hold it against you) we settled on alpaca wool dryer balls from Dreamswept Alpacas.

dryer balls, alpaca dryer balls, wool dryer balls


From what I read they had received amazing reviews. I decided on wool instead of the plastic alternative for two main reasons. The first was the number of articles discussing how the wool options were easier on your dryer in the long run (this is also why those that are in the know advise against the idea that tennis balls are a suitable substitute – they are also harder on your dryer). The second was the ability to use essential oils to add a bit of a fresh scent if we so desire.

Dreamswept Alpacas was amazing to deal with as far as vendors go. The price was fair in comparison to other vendors that offered items of the same quality, and they arrived to our house even faster than I had anticipated.

dryer balls, alpaca dryer balls, wool dryer balls

That was a couple years ago, and we never did go back to using dryer sheets! They have been a great option for several reasons:

  • No need for the additional chemicals in your laundry
  • In two years, we haven’t spent a dime beyond the initial cost (approx. $25 for 4)
  • They help to speed up drying, shortening the required drying time and thus helping you to save on your bills
  • The ability to use essential oils allows you to use aromatherapy in your clothing on a regular basis (for example lavender is comforting and relaxing)

I would highly recommend that anyone considering making the switch just bites the bullet and gives it a try! Really, it’s a pretty minimal risk if you do decide that its not for you in the long run. I also suggest that you check out the products from Dreamswept Alpacas. I know that we will be ordering from them again when it comes time to replace ours!


What ways are you currently cutting out the chemicals in your daily routine? Do you currently use any type of dryer ball? What is your experience?