A little bit about Britt, the face behind the behind the blog…

selfie, tattoos, blue hair, alternative, alternative style

I’m Britt – A 31 year old blogger from Ontario, Canada. I am married, and we have 4 amazing furkids who are sure to guest star in this blog themselves from time to time I’m sure! I love am a musician, music teacher, hair dye and tattoo addict  and outdoors lover. Basically if I can be on a camp site, around a bonfire with my husband and puppies, cold drink in hand, I’m good to go!

During the day I am currently completing my college diploma while running my own Digital and Social Media Marketing business – The Social Alternative.

By night I am playing saxophone, teaching music with a local marching band, and living it up with my friends and family!

I take pride in my ‘Alternative’ style, and decided to start this blog as a Lifestyle blog, but with a twist. Rather than writing a conventional Lifestyle blog I decided I wanted to take the style and give it my own ‘Alternative’ twist. I blog about tattoos, piercings, hair dye, my puppies, travelling, music and anything else that crosses my weird and twisted mind. If that appeals to you – welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about anything I have posted!