dog, dogs, puppy, puppies, puppy cuddles

After spending the last few days away teaching saxophone at a high school band retreat, I returned home last night to two VERY excited puppies. I love my pups, they mean the world to me, and there was NO denying that the love me in that moment. That kind of got me to thinking and led me to researching ways in which dogs express their love. I wanted to share some of what I learned with all of you!

dog, puppy, puppy cuddles, affection

  1. Following You Around – You are your dog’s family and while you may be their source of food and shelter, they also enjoy your company.


  1. Leaning on You – Dogs may lean against you either because they are anxious, wanting you to do something about the situation, or as a symbol of affection. Even when they do so because they are nervous, this shows that your dog believes you will protect and care for him/her.


  1. Playing and Roughhousing with You – When dogs are playing with other puppies, they all wrestle. Your pup wants to do the same thing with you.


  1. Making Eye Contact – Eye contact for dogs can have two meanings. While it is often a sign of aggression, if you lock eyes and find him/her staring back with relaxed eyes, showing little to no white, it means that your pup is happy and comfortable with you.


  1. Jumping up on You – While we work to train our pups not to do this, as it isn’t necessarily a ‘desirable’ behaviour, your dog gets so exited sometimes to see you that they just can’t wait for you to crouch down to their level. It is a display of affection, albeit not the best one…


  1. Sleeping in Your Bed or Room – Your pup is a pack animal, and sleeping wither in your room, or huddled close in your bed, is their way of cuddling in with their pack. Your pup sees you as a member of the pack, as family.


  1. Wagging Tails – While a wagging tail isn’t always a sign of happiness, when a dog wags its tail loosely towards its owner, and his/her body language is showing that he/she is excited, it’s a sign of happiness and comfort.


  1. Reacts Positively to Your Voice – If your dog is willing to drop whatever he/she is doing, such as chewing on a favourite toy, or investigating a new scent, to come and greet you upon hearing your voice then you are a priority in their life!

 dog, dogs, puppy, puppies, puppy cuddles


In what ways does your dog show that he/she loves you? What kinds of dog(s) do you have at home?