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I LOVE travel, and its something that my husband and I try to make a priority in our lives. Part of this involves, of course, the actual ‘travel to your destination’ part of the journey. Sure, there are many great road trips to be had (and I love a good road trip) but some destinations are going to require that you hop on a plane.

While some people hate flying for a variety of legitimate reasons, such as a fear of heights, a fear of flying itself, claustrophobia, social anxiety – there are many others who claim to dislike flying solely because they just don’t enjoy the experience

Now I’m not going to be able to make your next flight the equivalent of chilling out at a 5-star resort, you are still stuck in a confined space with a host of strangers, many of which are impatient and less than desirable to deal with on their way to their destination. What I can do is help you to make a less than perfect situation a little more tolerable, helping you to get to where you’re going and still keep a smile on that beautiful face of yours.

Here are 6 tips that I personally use to rock your next flight experience, and start (or end) your trip on a good note!


Make Your Luggage Stand Out

We’ve all seen the suggestion of adding a ribbon or bow to your luggage, however have you ever considered how easily those items are torn free when they get caught throughout the whole travel process?

If you are counting on a red ribbon identifying your black luggage you may just be stuck! Instead opt for a unique luggage colour or design, personally I travel with leopard print luggage!

If you don’t have the option of a fun design, make your own! Some fabric markers or fabric paint can help you transform a plain suitcase into one that will stand out regardless of where you travel! This is also just a fun way to express yourself – you do it with your clothes, hair, makeup, tattoos, etc. so why not enjoy another chance to share your personal style with the world and rock out with a unique set of luggage?


Pack Everything You Need for 1 Day in Your Carry On

Luggage gets lost, it happens. Its not like it’s something a vengeful airline employee is doing to you on purpose because you forgot his name or shot her the stink eye.

The fact is there are THOUSANDS of bags that move through each airport every day, and inevitably someone’s luggage is not going to make it to their destination as planned.

Pack everything you will need to make it through your travel to your hotel (wallet, ID, cellphone, money, etc.) along with one full set of clothing and the basic toiletries (travel size is your friend) in your carry on. This way, even if you must buy all new clothing for the rest of your trip, you can at least be clean while you are out shopping!


Dress Comfortably

While you may pride yourself in being the biggest hotshot in the fashion industry, there is something to be said for including comfort in the clothing choices you make for your next flight! You are stuck in a small, confined space with others, possibly strangers, around you. This is already an uncomfortable situation, so why make it worse?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in (this includes your underwear/bras boys and girls, there is no point in wearing a comfortable pair of pants if your underwear is riding up the whole flight), as well as shoes that you can remove loosen or remove during the flight if needed. Many people experience a swelling of the feet, and tight shoes become VERY uncomfortable.


Charge Your Cellphone While Waiting in the Airport

The fact is, if something goes wrong (I don’t mean a plane crash, don’t jump to the worst here – I’m talking a missed connection, a shuttle not arriving as scheduled to pick you up at your destination, etc.) then you don’t know how long it will be until you have the chance to charge up again. Your phone is going to allow you to get the assistance you need to keep your travel plans on lock.

There are charging stations in nearly every single airport, so make use of them! Grab yourself a coffee or a snack and settle in to enjoy it long enough to make sure that battery is topped up. Does it really matter that much to you whether you are sitting in a chair at the charging station near your gate, or a chair specifically in your gate during that short period of time?

Alternatively, carry a portable power source. I have a power stick that is always charged and in my carry on just in case.


There is Nothing to be Gained Being in a Hurry

If you are on a flight where you have assigned seating, why are you rushing to get onto the plane? You are only going to be stuck in the aisles waiting for people to figure out the alphabet well enough to find their seat, OR you’re trapped sitting in your seat waiting for all this to go down.

Allow the crowd to rush through and happily take your spot at the end of the line. If you’re there in line ready to get on they aren’t going to cut the line off and make you miss your flight just because you’re at the end of it!

Alternatively, when you arrive at your destination and everyone crams themselves into the aisle immediately, let them go. Eventually the aisle will clear enough for you to get out without being pushed and shoved, or someone will be polite enough to let you out. Until that point, sit and relax.

The only exception to this is when you’re on a tight timeline, such as for a connector flight, that can make it more important to get moving! That being said, once you are off the flight and have the freedom of the hallways its fair game to haul ass and beat the masses to get out of the airport quicker! There’s a whole world out there for you to see, you don’t need to waste time window-shopping at a duty free!


A Smile Goes a Long Way

This rule applies in many situations.

First, always smile to the stewards and stewardesses as you are boarding a plane. There are times that, for a variety of reasons, you may have the opportunity for a better seat such as a window seat if you don’t already have one, or even an upgrade to first class. If you are kind to the stewards and stewardesses, they are going to remember that!

Secondly, be kind to your fellow passengers, both in the airport as well as on the plane. You don’t know who is going to end up setting next to you, so you don’t want to alienate them before you even sit down! Also, when you reach your destination and are TOTALLY lost, wouldn’t it be nice if someone was to lend a helping hand, or even be lost with you? A smile may have laid the groundwork for a new friendship!


What are your must share tricks for flying? What was your most memorable flight?