camping, camping tips, items to bring camping, camp

Coming to you today from one of our favourite Ontario Provincial Parks. That’s right, I’m up camping and still able to log on to get posts done – the perks of life as a blogger, right?

camping, camping tips, items to bring camping, camp

I was raised camping, been going as long as I can remember. I don’t mean a trailer park, or hitting a local cottage, I’m talking tent in the great outdoors. There is very little that I find to be more relaxing, or a better way to recharge my batteries! I was chatting with a few people while we were packing about different ideas I had for a blog post to share with all of you that would be where my head is at right now and I realized that there are many who may not be as familiar with this whole camping life, not to mention those of us who are and are always looking for a new tip or trick!

This led to today’s idea – a post about what to pack… Now I’m not going to waste your ideas with the basics… I’m pretty sure you can figure out that you need a tent, something to sleep in, clothes to wear, food to eat… These are some of the lesser known or more often overlooked items to make your next camping trip that much more enjoyable.


  1. A Multi-Tool

Rather than trying to remember to pack everything that you may need, a multi-tool is a great way to make sure you are prepared! Carrying everything from a can opener to a screw driver if you need to fix something, you will no longer need to go digging through your bins to find what you need.


  1. A Water Bottle with a Built-in Filter

Many of the public parks like this one pride themselves in providing clean, reliable drinking water. I, however, have always been a little picky about the taste of my water and prefer it filtered. There is only so much gear you want to be lugging along, but a water bottle with a built-in filter will ensure that your water is clean, safe and tastes great.


  1. A Hammock

You’re going to recharge, right? While laying in your tent or relaxing in your favourite camping chair may be nice, there is something 10x nicer about stretching out in a hammock surrounded by nothing but the beauty of nature. Allow the gentle breeze to rock you into a nice nap, or take in your latest book.


  1. A Head Lamp

Sure, you could just grab a flashlight to go about your regular business, but if its midnight, dark and you’re trying to use the bathroom do you really want to be fumbling with the flashlight you brought along? A simple head lamp is a perfect way to stay hands-free at night!


  1. Bandanas

I never used to keep a bandana around until we went to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Leading up to the climb we received a suggested packing list from one of the experts who included a bandana. I will admit that once I saw all the uses, I never leave without one! Soak a bandana in cool water and wear it around your neck to cool off, use it as a sweat rag, hand towel, pot holder, or a triangular bandage during a first aid emergency. They are tiny to pack but SO helpful!


  1. A Solar Powered Light

While there are many great flashlights and lanterns out there for the purpose of camping, it feels like a shame to waste batteries when they aren’t necessary. While not harness the power of the sun while you are outside all day anyway to charge a solar light for use when it gets dark?


What is your ‘must have’ camping item(s)? Do you have any specific products you recommend fellow campers look into?