Here we are approximately a third of the way through Blogtober. I’ve had the opportunity to share with you on a number of different topics from DIY projects to baking, personal thoughts to favourite drinks. Up to this point, I haven’t had posted a blog post on one of my favourite topics to discuss on here… Tattoos! It only makes sense that in a month where we are celebrating all things October that I would drop a collection of my favourite Halloween tattoos for everyone to lust over with me!

One of my favourite places to go as of late when I want to get lost in the black hole that is browsing people’s artwork is Pinterest. In fact, I keep a board just of different work that I am in love with. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are pieces that I am planning on using as an inspiration for my own work (although some of them definitely got me thinking), they are merely incredible pieces, big or small.

So, to help all of us tattoo lovers to truly get into the Halloween spirit I am going to share a collection of 20 Halloween themed tattoos that have caught my attention, made me smile and captivated me in one way or another.

Note: None of these images are mine. I have linked back to the artist for all that I was able to identify. If you spot your work missing a link back to the artist please feel free to let me know, I would love to update it to provide credit and discover new artists in the meantime! 


A Fun Little Devil


Amazingly Realistic Billy the Puppet


Beautiful Little Zombie Pin-Up


Freddy’s Coming to Visit


Stunning Haunted House and Graveyard Scene


Under the Careful Watch of Pennywise

The Details in This Skeleton

Tribute to Day of the Dead


Whimsical Depiction of Sam from Trick ‘r’ Treat


This Adorable Little Ghost


The Spirit of Halloween in Black and Gray


A Unique Spin on the Horror Theme


The All Too Recognizable Mask of Jason


This Haunting Jack-o-Lantern Scarecrow


Adorable Halloween Scene


Fun, Colourful Witch


Spine-Chilling Representation of Thir13en Ghosts


Comical Frightened Mummy


What’s Halloween Without Candy?


One of My Personal Halloween Favourites!


Do you have a Halloween themed tattoo? Is there a Halloween inspired piece in your horizon?