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It’s hard to believe how fast this year has flown by, but here we are, mid-November. The Christmas music is now playing in the malls, holiday displays are in all our favourite stores and we are all in the midst of our Christmas shopping. It’s official, the holidays season is here!

As many of you know in the blogging world this is the time that many bloggers are working hard to plan out and start writing their ‘Blogmas’ posts. What is Blogmas? Similar to Blogtober, which I have posted about previously and took part in this year, Blogmas challenges bloggers to write seasonally themed content throughout the Christmas season. For some, this challenge is a post every day throughout December, while others choose other fun holiday-themed challenges.

I started planning out my posts for this year’s Blogmas when I decided it would be fun to issue a challenge to all of my blogging friends – a way to celebrate together.


Blogmas, 12 days of Christmas, Christmas, holidays


Each of the prompts included in the 12 Days of Blogmas is designed to be open to interpretation. The idea is to take the challenge and run with it, making it your own and spinning it to fit your blog’s niche and style.


For example:

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 4 Christmas Carols

Does this mean that you literally have to write out 4 Christmas Carols? Definitely not! Maybe you want to list your 4 favourite Christmas albums to listen to during the holiday season, or design make-up looks to reflect your favourite traditional Christmas carols. The options are endless, it’s all about letting your imagination take you away!


Fitting with the ’12 days of Christmas’ song, the days will run from December 14th to December 25th. Consider singing the song! I even chose the prompts so that they fit into it (because I’m crazy like that lol).

When sharing anything on Twitter, whether it is linking posts from the challenge or simply tweeting about taking part, your efforts to write the posts, etc use the hashtag #12DaysBlogmas so that we can all connect with one another. I will be monitoring the hashtag and retweeting various tweets from now until the end of December!


Check out the list of bloggers participating in ’12 Days of Blogmas’ 2017 HERE.


So, there you have it – 12 Days of Blogmas! Who’s planning on joining me? I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!