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I love when these tags circulate the blogosphere from time to time because it is so much fun getting to know one another! I mean, we get to know bloggers through their content but it’s almost like these give us a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the person behind the blog which is way too much fun in my opinion! That being said, I don’t think I have ever done one as long as the 100 Truths Tag, so today should be fun haha…

Thank you to Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes – You can view her post with all of her fun answers here.

This tag was created by Debbie at My Random Musings and was designed to include a mix of different topics, opinions, and random facts, spanning a number of different subjects. Those who do it will sometimes skip some of the questions if they aren’t interested in answering them, and that’s cool too! It’s all about getting to know each of you a little better.

Without further adieu, here we go…


The Basics

1 – What’s Your Name?

Brittany in full, although I have gone by Britt for years

2 – Any nicknames or aliases?

In high school it was ‘Tree Hugger,’ and then when I was in the army I got the nickname ‘Duncan’ (from the Highlander)

3 – Your gender?


4 – Your star sign?


5 – How old are you?


6 – Your relationship status?

Happily married to my fellow blogger, John from The Intoxicated Review

7 – Any Children?

None, although we are talking about adopting

8 – Any pets?

4 amazing fur kids – Pups: Daviana and Indiana, Cats: Pippen and Jinx

9 – Any tattoos or piercings?

Yep! Actually, that’s a pretty common topic here on the blog, so likely not a surprise to anyone hahaha but I have a few of each, and many more tattoos to come

10 – What do you like about yourself?

Although it took me a while to get to this point, I love that I am so clearly ‘me’ without trying to conform to society’s idea of who I ‘should’ be

11 – What do you dislike about yourself?

Not gonna lie, I’m human so there’s definitely a few things haha! The most recent one is that I allowed my fitness/weight to get so out of control while I was going through all my health issues, but I am taking control of that as I just discussed in a recent post.

12 – Righty or Lefty?




13 – The last thing you drank?

Big glass of water

14 – The last thing you ate?

Falafel pita

15 – Your last phone call?

Not going to lie, I actually had to look at my phone for that one because I don’t actually use my phone as a phone per say – it’s for texting, social media, email, etc… Apparently my last phone call was with my massage therapist’s office confirming my appointment

16 – Your last text message?

My husband asking what I am up to this morning

17 – Your last email?

An email from someone trying to connect as a guest writer for the blog. I get quite a few of these, although most don’t go anywhere because there is nothing that annoys me more than someone who tries to get a guest writing spot but obviously knows NOTHING about the blog based on their request… Take some time to get to know what we talk about here and pitch a topic that fits!

18 – The last song you listened to?

Trenches by Pop Evil

19 – The last book you read?

Currently reading Green by Ted Dekker

20 – The last time you cried?

Hmmm, I’m actually not sure. I’m not one of those people who cries often (not that there is anything wrong with those who do, just not me)

21 – The last blog you read?

‘My Love for the Joker’ from Zombie Goddess Beauty

22 – The last person you spoke to?

My neighbour who just came to my door looking for a package that was apparently delivered, but not to his house, so he was checking to see if it came here.

23 – The last place you visited?

I don’t really call it ‘visiting’ when I head north to see family or my bestie (Norma from Flavour with Flair – check her out) any longer, so I’ll go with the trip up/hotel stay for my bestie’s wedding in September. I was SOOO happy to be part of it!

24 – You last holiday abroad?

If we count within North America as abroad, it was my trip to Las Vegas last year. If we’re looking at bigger travels, my last trip out of North America was to Tanzania in 2013 when we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.


Have You Ever?

25 – Have you ever gotten back with an ex?

Once, and it was the worst decision I have ever made in relation to my love life… Just don’t do it, there’s a reason they’re an ex

26 – Have you ever been cheated on?


27 – Have you ever cheated on someone?

Yes, honestly, I started my first relationship that way, but I was young and stupid (think about where your head was at with your first relationship lol). I had the opportunity to kiss a guy that I believed was one of the cutest guys in the school and immature high school me was all over that… Gotta love the naïve mindset of a child… Don’t you wish some days that you could go back to the days where your biggest worries were playground politics? 

28 – Have you ever lost someone special to you?


29 – Have you ever been so drunk you threw up?

Yep, multiple times, once even into the cup holder of my car (I always joke about having pride in my aim that I was able to contain it all in a cup holder lol)

30 – Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?


31 – Have you ever met someone who changed you?

Yes, I like to think all the most meaningful people in our lives will change us for the better in some way

32 – Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are?


33 – Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have?

You bet

34 – Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back?

Yes, gotta love when you learn new facts about yourself from the gossip train? I think it’s fascinating that other people often think they know more about us than we know about ourselves haha

35 – Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Not that I know of

36 – Have you ever kissed a stranger?


37 – Have you ever had your own heart broken?


38 – Have you ever had sex on the first date?

I reveal nothing sex-related on here hahaha

39 – Have you ever been arrested?

Well you see, there’s ‘arrested’ and ‘convicted’… If you draw the line on arrested at in handcuffs at the scene, then yes, I can’t deny that lol

40 – Have you ever been attracted to someone that isn’t the gender you usually find attractive?

No – but I’m bisexual, so the ‘gender you usually find attractive’ isn’t as narrow as you would think lol

41 – Have you ever done something you regret?


42 – Have you ever had a threesome?

Read the answer to number 38

43 – Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public?

Hell ya! That’s happened more times than I could hope to count

44 – Have you ever misjudged someone?

Unfortunately, Yes


Your Beliefs and Opinions

45 – Do you believe in God?

I used to, I’m not totally sure what I believe anymore

46 – Do you believe in yourself?

I’d like to think I do most of the time, but in the spirit of honesty, not all the time

47 – Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Of course, who doesn’t haha

48 – Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, but that’s a big topic that can range from hauntings and possession to believing in the spirit of your loved ones and their ability to contact you from the spirit realm haha so I feel like that’s a SUPER broad question

49 – Do you believe in aliens?

I don’t believe little green men are going to come attack our planet, but I do believe there’s a chance that there is some form of life on another planet that we haven’t yet discovered. This may be something as small as a bug or parasite, but I think it’s out there

50 – Do you believe in miracles?


51 – Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?


52 – Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in lust at first sight, love is something you have to build

53 – Can money make you happy?

I think that money can be used to buy things that give you a temporary happiness, but I don’t think true happiness can come from money

54 – Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

That word has become so overused, twisted and altered over the years, so it’s hard to say. Do I believe that men and women should have equality in everything? Yes. Do I believe that women should be treated as superior to men? No.

55 – Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

Pro-choice, who am I to make such a major decision for them?

56 – Do you have strong political beliefs?

I can get super opinionated on some political issues, but I wouldn’t say I am super into politics or a firm follower of any one party

57 – Do you have strong religious beliefs?

No, I used to have much stronger beliefs there but honestly, that whole area of my life has been an area of confusion as of late

58 – What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is?

Genuine love, support, encouragement, and guidance. Too many people think that this is something material, but what they really need can’t be purchased. They need someone who really, truly cares for them and will help them to find their way in life while also discovering who they are.


Right Now

59 – Are you eating anything right now?


60 – Are you drinking anything right now?


61 – What are you listening to right now?

I Prevail – Scars, the lastest song to come up on a rock playlist I’ve had going this morning

62 – What are you thinking about right now?

All the writing that I plan on getting done today, and the fact that I wish I had more time to do it lol

63 – What are you waiting for right now?

A few packages to come in the mail, although I just saw the mailman drop today’s mail in the mailbox (I can see the mailbox right outside my office window) and there were no packages included in the mix lol

64 – What are you most excited about right now?

Heading up north this weekend to spend some quality time with my nieces, and meet the youngest of them who just arrived this month

65 – What’s your pet hate right now?

People who go to extreme lengths to create false impressions of themselves online. This includes those who steal photos/content from others, hire bots, play the follow/unfollow game to create the illusion of popularity, etc. Seriously, just be yourself, you’ll enjoy the rewards of your hard work far more than something that you lied and cheated to obtain.

66 – What’s your favourite thing right now?

Loving on my Garmin haha

67 – If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now?

Likely writing, I have quite a few articles left to do today



68 – Your first best friend?

I had a great little group of friends from a young age, but the first that I actually referred to as a ‘best friend’ would be Mandy. We lost touch for awhile, and then reconnected when she happened to move down close to where I am living now (which is hours from where we grew up).

69 – Your first kiss?

Honestly can’t remember hahaha, is that sad?

70 – Your first celebrity crush?

No idea

71 – Your first holiday?

My parents were taking me camping at one specific provincial park right away. It was a family tradition to go every year, and we still make the trip up each summer for it as the tradition continues.

72 – Your first pet?

When I was a baby my parents had a purebred shepherd. I personally don’t remember much about her but I know that they told me she would lay under my crib to protect me when I was asleep… the start of my lifelong love of German Shepherds

73 – Your first regret?

Oh hell, I don’t know, I’m sure that I had some as a kid, most of which were probably totally inconsequential long-term, but they seemed like everything back then

74 – Your first job?

I was a karate instructor/ counselor at a martial arts summer day camp

75 – Your first childhood memory?

One memory I have always held onto was Easter egg hunting with my father. The eggs would occasionally be out of our reach, but he was always close by to lift us up to them if we could point out where we could see it


Which Would You Choose?

76 – Love or money?


77 – Twitter or Facebook?

This is challenging, they each have their own unique benefits. I LOVE The people I have connected with on Twitter, but I suppose I do a lot more of my work through Facebook so for practicality purposes I’ll pick that

78 – Hook-up or relationship?


79 – Dogs or cats?

This one has flip-flopped multiple times throughout my life, but right now I’d say dogs

80 – Coffee or tea

Tea most of the time, occasionally I need a coffee though lol

81 – Beer or wine

Wine (although I do enjoy a good beer too, I just drink wine more often)

82 – Sweet or Savoury?

Depends on my mood at the time, right this second? Savoury

83 – Introvert or extrovert?


84 – Vampires or werewolves?


85 – Seaside or countryside?

Born and raised country girl

86 – Summer or winter?

Summer, I’m not built for the cold lol

87 – Books or movies?

Depends on my mood at the time. There is something incredibly relaxing about curling up with a good book, but sometimes I just want to relax and watch a movie.

88 – Horror or comedy?

I love both, a GOOD horror would win, but most horror movies, for example, are laughable. If I don’t know that it won’t be a total disappointment I will choose comedy, they are usually more reliable lol


A Few Random Questions to Finish On

89 – Do you wish you could change your past?

While things may not have always gone the way I would have hoped, I wouldn’t change anything because the good and the bad worked together to bring me to where I am today

90 – What’s your dream job?

Eventually I would love to make enough just on my personal writing/blog/site to live off of, but for now, I am writing for a company as well which guarantees me an income

91 – What’s your guilty pleasure?

This is going to sound corny, but my backyard at this house. We’ve sunk some good money into getting it just the way we want, and it’s not all that exciting right now in the cold of winter, but when the warm weather hits I’d be happy to spend all day every day sitting out by that pool, enjoying drinks from the bar and relaxing in my little getaway here at home

92 – What are you afraid of?

Honest, realistic fear? Failing the people that matter most to me. Irrational fear? Lawn gnomes – those creepy little things freak me right out and I will avoid the garden section in many stores because of it

93 – What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?


94 – If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to read other’s minds

95 – If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

There are a lot of little things, but nothing really worth dwelling on. The things I see as worth changing, such as getting my butt back in shape, I am working on right now… So, they will change given time!

96 – Would you want immortality?

I don’t know, I guess the big question would be whether it would be just me, or the people I love as well? If I’m going to lose everyone I love, then no

97 – If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would you choose?

Harry Carney! I would LOVE to pick his brain about jazz and the saxophone

98 – Would you say you are happy?

Right now, I’m cold, tired and debating climbing back into bed hahaha

99 – What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen?

Stay true to yourself, and don’t compromise. The world around you is going to change and shift, and the people in your life may come and go, but if you stay true to who you know you are, then you’ll be ok

100 – Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

Writing my blog, traveling the world with my husband, experiencing life


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